From a sow's ear to a different sow's ear?

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    I had started inquiries about this in another thread, trying to identify what had happened to this poor old Blues Jr.

    Got lots of responses, but finally got some more detailed information from Saverio Cardo at Tube Town Amps in Melbourne Australia. His project looked very similar, he had gotten the design and parts from Torres Engineering. While he persevered and finally got it in a condition that pleased his client, this one had fallen on hard times. So I took it for parts and asked Doug Hoffman for a kit of parts to revive it.

    His project page for this amp is here:

    I built it up as follows:

    Doug's designs are classic simplicity, and this one has some surprising gifts: the paralleled triodes for driving the phase inverter, and eliminating the solid state reverb driver, as well as the pcbs. The components were all first quality, and the turret board was a dream to solder on.

    My handiwork is more casual than committed, I guess, but the this sound really good! Very quiet, lots of clean headroom, but crunchy on command. The filament wiring is one of his directives, and it works well here, no 60 Hz noise at all!
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    Parallel heater filaments can work. The first I saw were in a Soldano Hot Rod 50...two hard wires running parallel in a very nicely done manner.
    One wonders if the ‘less is better than too much’ solder rule was not pushed to a bit of a limit??? (;^) If it is all good to go, a bit more solder flowed into some of those turrets is more my style. If I were thinking about changing a component after a build, then maybe I would see being that ‘judicious’ in the solder application. can’t argue with Sonics, can you? Kudos.
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