FretKing/Vintage V62 Reissue Tele

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  1. Lend27

    Lend27 TDPRI Member

    May 16, 2013
    I recently purchased one of these and thought I'd share my opinions in an effort to help others who might be considering purchasing this guitar.

    Overall quality is high. No real issues. Needed a setup but no different than any other guitar out of the box.
    After setup guitar played well.
    Wilkinson components are good. No issues with bridge or pickups.

    The areas of concern deal with secondary components and compliance with standard "Fender" specs.
    The wiring and pots are low quality. They function ok but should be replaced. However, because the components are smaller in size the control cavity depth seems to be less than normal fender specs. As a result I had a hard time fitting full size 3 way switch. The pots fit ok but I had to bend the terminals on the switch to get it to install.
    The pickguard is non-standard, therefore a standard "fender" pickguard will need to be "modified" at the control panel area. I tried to do this but ended up going back to the stock pickguard out of frustration. Also the 8 holes in a standard fender pickguard do not line up with the existing holes.

    The control panel is not standard size, the holes for the pots are small and will not accept full size pot shafts. I had to replace the panel.

    I ended up having to revert back to all stock parts on the guitar because I got tired of having to modify to get standard sized parts to work. This involves pretty much everything in the control cavity.

    I ended up buying a real Fender mexico body from Amazon for 169.99 and a used 1999 Mexico neck on Ebay with a 7.25 radius, which I love, for 120.00. Then I put in a set of Bill Lawrence Keystones, a fender vintage bridge, vintage tuners, fender electronics, and I am happy with the result. The partscaster is all fender and cost me a total of about 475.00 and I love it. Plays like a dream. By the way, the 1999 mexico neck I bought on ebay and the new Fender mexico body I bought on Amazon fit perfectly together. There is literally no gap in the neck pocket. Best fit I have ever seen.

    So the moral of the story is, if you buy a Vintage V62 Reissue just be aware of the challenges you will face if you want to upgrade the control electronics. Other than that the guitar plays and sounds great.
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  2. bluescube

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    Mar 9, 2004
    Greensboro NC
    Metric parts as compared to Fender USA sized parts is the main issue. Pots are metric shafts instead of inch, etc...
  3. Crarg

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    Oct 7, 2018
    I bought a new V62AB reissue tele 6 months ago. Sounds like a tele (traditional too-trebly bridge PU - that's what knobs and EQ are for). Paint job is pretty amateur but mechanically good and pickups nice. Neck PU very smooth sweet strat sound, bridge hotter- good for overdrive and lead. Still needs a proper set up and that will fix buzzing and intonation. Got to get my head around the tele bridge. How does the adjustment work? One fret has space between it and fretboard - high E string gets caught in it. Have to fill that.
    Overall I think pretty good value for $750 Australian compared to at least $1800 AUS for a Fender. They've obviously forgotten that the Telecaster was the basic cheap Fender electric originally. They aint cheap now.

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