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Friend of Leo's
May 15, 2016
Bremerton, WA
I've stumbled across this website a few times over the years, so I thought I'd share. Lots (seriously... LOTS) of dreck to wade through, but oooh, the gems are shiny and the downloads are free.

Search for different genres and strap on your waders. Build up a new music library that no-one else has. Discover everything from polished bands giving away their early tracks to idiots with a four-track foisting their schlock on unsuspecting prospectors. Find insanely talented note-smiths and horribly inept party crashers, and everything in-between.

Recommendations? There's so much, I'm really not sure where to start, but most folks here are into Blues, Rock, and Country, so let's see what I found today:
Blues: I'm amazed and perplexed at what folks call "Blues", and this site isn't any different. I really had to dig just to find this much.
-Austin Moffa - Well, more like finger-style acoustic/folk, but I really enjoyed his Delta Blues-style song "Frankie and Albert".
-Kielicaster - Interesting guy from Deutschland. I could imagine him as one of us.
-Daddy Long Legs - Swampy.

Rock: This one encompasses everything from Garage/Surf to Metal. Pick a sub-genre and don your gas mask. I stuck with Surf/Garage because that's what I was into today.
-Blue Wave Theory - Better-than-average tightly played Surf stuff.
-Crowander - Garage fuzz und drang. A little surfy in spots.
-The Wrong Sister - Loud crunchy Garage-y.
-Styptic - I couldn't help myself. Serbian Metal extraordinaire. One of my favorite discoveries from this site.
-Shearer - Pop-Punkers from Germany. The album "Makin' a Munson" is very well done for the genre.

Country: The first few pages are dominated by Lobo Loco and John Lopker. Lobo Loco has an insane number of albums and tracks uploaded to FMA across a few genres. He's alright, if a bit sloppy, but I'd hesitate to call him "Country". He's got quite a few tracks listed in the 'Blues' and 'Jazz' genres too. John Lopker I'll reserve my opinion lest I flirt with forum bannage.
-Joshua Hedley - Pure sad song Acoustic Country.
-One Man Book - Specifically the albums "Ghosts & Echoes" and "Let The Journey Begin". His other albums seem like compilations of him being a producer. Some alright stuff there, but it's more experimental and soundtrack-y.
-Thorn & Shout - Probably closer to Americana than straight Country, but nice tunes either way.
-Zephaniah and the 18-Wheelers - Twang.
-The Defibulators - When the guitarist's instrument is listed as "Telecaster", you know it's gonna be good.

So, take a look and see if you find your new favorite or give up after 3 pages of detritus. Post discoveries below.