Forgotten Songs of the 90's


Doctor of Teleocity
Jun 12, 2003
Glamorous NoHo
I don't know how forgotten Possum Dixon is, 'cause you have to be thought of in the first place to achieve that status, but they're definitely obscure. They were part of the early '90s coffee house scene in Los Angeles. Yeah, there was an early '90s coffee house scene.

I love their 1993 self-titled debut. Their sophomore album "New Sheets" (1996) was produced by Ric Ocasek, but it suffers in comparison.

Below are the first three tracks from their debut. "Watch the Girl Destroy Me" got the most attention. "In Buildings" is my favorite.

The band's frontman Rob Zabrecky is now a professional magician. I learned this from a friend of my mine who's a professional juggler. Welcome to L.A.!