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Dec 19, 2011
I just got mine and I am very impressed. Mine is the Aija model with the hardtail and EMG pickups. I love the way it plays, bit I'm not sold on the pickups, but the deal could not be passed up.

Please post your Flaxwood, or just ask questions about these crazy things.



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Jul 12, 2015
Western Australia
I see a bit of chat on the Tele Forum about these awsome guitars. ImageUploadedByTDPRI1436714177.076902.jpg ImageUploadedByTDPRI1436714210.306519.jpg ImageUploadedByTDPRI1436714228.048964.jpg ImageUploadedByTDPRI1436714242.315459.jpg

So I bought a couple of Flaxwood guitars a few weeks ago. What the hell is a Flaxwood ? A guitar made in Finland from wood fibre and resin to create "Flaxwood". So it's essentially a plastic guitar with some sawdust thrown in for good measure. The Liekki model that I bought for myself has two Seymour Duncan Vintage P90's fitted with 3 way switching configured Bridge PU, Both PU's and Neck PU, so fairly standard fare as far as electronics go.

They have a Fender like 25.5 scale length. They are what I would describe as semi hollow having a moulded centre block in which the pick ups are mounted. Covering this great big void is something called a resonator plate but I can't say this seems to serve any purpose other than covering the cavity and weight relief. The F hole in my guitar is also just there for the sensory pleasure of the jelly marbles in ones ocular cavities. I think they would be extremely heavy if they were made from a big SOLID hunk of this goop ! The neck has a nice enough shape but it kinda feels like your holding on to a piece of marble or granite, cold and hard. That's probably a bit harsh but it certainly doesn't feel like wood. I chose a Liekke with a Schaller Trem fitted which I'll probably never use but Mr Lumbergh used it to get a nice Chris Isaac thing happening whilst giving it a little tickle last Thursday night while he was staying at my place.

In all honesty they don't sound particularly musical unplugged, not bad but not inspiring either......"that's not really why we buy electrics though, is it".....but plug it in and the P90's will do virtually anything and this set is nice and quiet but will feed back on demand with high gain.

Why did I buy them ? Well I saw a couple of reviews by Premier Guitar and Guitarist UK, quite a while back and both spoke very highly of these guitars and I really like the look. It reminded me of a PRS but also they have their own thing going on. I like my guitars a little quirky, just ask Mr Lumbergh. The two of them shipped to my door also cost less than the retail $$$ of the Liekki alone and even then still about $1500 less than one core model PRS.

I also bought my son an Aija which is fitted with a Tone Pros Bridge and EMG 81/85 combo. This is very similar but is finished in unpainted Flaxwood to give it a distinctly heavy metal vibe and no F hole.

So without further a do, here's a few pics of the Liekki.

Also csadams5 I unknowingly stole a pic of your Aija from google images for my NGD post in Strat Talk (I'm expecting mine to arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. I hope you don't mind. Also did you keep the EMG's ? I love them but prefer the 81/60 combo over the 81/85. I think they're amazing, they can do crystal clean through to Apocalyptic. What's not to like ?

I guess if you only have one guitar there are better options out there.

I know there are other owners on this forum....time to get them out and display them proudly.
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Feb 11, 2014
I Want to buy the BYO guitar kit, Do you think i could fit a Humbuker tele bridge in It? Is it Flat enough in the center? I won't buy the hardware kit so I get it with out the TOM Bridge Holes. What do you think Guys?


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May 16, 2009
Surprised I just found this thread.

I've got my Voima in my profile pic, which is my main guitar.

Just got this Aija off Reverb
Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 12.23.22 AM.png

It's spray painted Nitro over the standard flat black color. We'll see how it looks in person, but it'll be a good contrast to my Voima.

Flaxwood make amazing guitars, boutique level qualty. Really the best value out there I can think of on the used market. I got both of mine for $1700 combined.

I love love love that they're impervious to humidity and temperature changes. No adjustments required, no fret sprout. And they sound great and play phenomenally.

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