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    My most recent research project has me yet again utilizing Fjestad’s Blue Books… I’ve referred to these reference books countless times before on TDPRI, so I’m going to take the time to document the sources of my documentation.

    Zachary R. Fjestad (Author), S.P. Fjestad (EditorPublisher), Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, 11th edition. Minneapolis, MN: Blue Book Publishers, Inc. © 2007.

    Zachary R. Fjestad (Author), S.P. Fjestad (EditorPublisher), Blue Book of Electric Guitars, 11th edition. Minneapolis, MN: Blue Book Publishers, Inc. © 2007.

    Both of my copies are the Deluxe Limited Edition (1 of 50) in hardcover for their respective titles.
    Fjestad's Blue Books - 1.jpg Fjestad's Blue Books - 2.jpg Fjestad's Blue Books - 3.jpg

    The first pic shows the front covers of both volumes side by side. The second pic shows these two oversized volumes with a DVD box next to them, to give a point of reference as to the size of said volumes.

    The third pic shows a 2-page opening in the Acoustic volume, about Hohners. It gives a brief description of the history and status of the brand in question. (In the back of each volume is a Trademark Index, giving address, phone and website information.) On the page opening about Hohner (pages 322-323), there is that introductory information, followed by listings of series and models within each series treated, giving descriptions, dates of production runs, Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (abbreviated as MSR), and resale values relative to condition (100%, Excellent, Average).

    S.P. (Steven Peter) Fjestad, who passed away a couple of months ago at the age of 68, was born in Fergus Falls, MN. Perhaps known in firearms circles, as he took over the publication of the annual Blue Book of Gun Values in 1981. He founded Blue Book Publications in 1988. He collected firearms, guitars and music posters, among other things. He attended hundreds of rock concerts during his lifetime. Zachary R. Fjestad is his nephew, the son of his brother Greg.

    I should also add that Fjestad's Blue Books... are available in DVD format and online via subscription. I've thought about subscribing, but most everything I wind up researching is older than the 2007 publication date of my books, so I haven't bothered. I also keep my eye out for more recent copies in bookstores. I bought both of those limited edition hardcover volumes in a local bookstore for $7 apiece.

    I guess I should also add that I have no vested interest in Fjestad's business, no personal relationship to the man or his nephew. I just have found his publications helpful, and wanted to document my documentation, as I said before.
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