First scratch build 5E3

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    Man Successfully Reinvents the Wheel

    Complete story on page 4.

    Nathon Anglin, avid do it yourselfer and self-proclaimed genius says that he, with the assistance of a team of 11 grandchildren headed by 2 year old Vivian Zelda, has successfully reinvented the wheel.

    Q: “Genius?”

    A: “That’s right sugar. I got a 75 on one of those internet tests and that means I am smarter than 75% of the rest of the people. That makes me a genius.”

    Q: “So, how’d you do it?”

    A: “Well I started out with a design attempted by one Leo Fender back in the 1950s. I then took some ideas inspired by people like Robinette, Garvin, Blencowe and Dumble added my own and ran with it.”
    Anglin says that “Zelda was the Link to the quest helping him avoid may of the bombs encountered while looking for the hidden doors.”

    “I haven’t had a challenge like this since learning to spell potato from Dan Quail while Al Gore invented the internet. There was a couple screen load resistors that had the decimal point in the wrong position that drove me crazy[er?] and then there was this noise kinda like what a blown speaker makes. I checked and rechecked all the components. I retraced all the wires to make sure they was right. The pots would make scratchy sounds when you turned them and sometimes some strange sounds I can’t describe. I replaced all of them. I finely tore everything off the board and rebuilt it, Same thing. I have a dinosaur of an oscilloscope I’ve been meaning to learn how to use so I broke it out. Should of done that in the first place. As soon as I got close to the board and without ever touching a thing with the probe it became obvious. Everything was wood and acrylic. There was nothing to stop the RFI\EMI. Placed shielding around some of the wires and BAM, problem solved.”

    Q: “I see. The Wheel?”

    A: “OK, so I really didn’t reinvent “The Wheel”. But with the knowledge and confidence I have gained with reinventing the TWEED 5E3 (with FX loop) who knows what’s next. Wheel scientists worldwide should take note. Me and my team are winding up for the next project.”

    “Oh, and did I mention, I think the sound is phenomenal.”

    FRONT3.jpg FRONT2.jpg oblique.jpg Tubes.jpg turned on

    turned off

    back.jpg credit.jpg
    Credit where credit is due

    Schematic and layout placed inside the cab

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