First Practice with the NEW, Old Band

String Tree

Doctor of Teleocity
Dec 8, 2010
Up North
It was an Eyeopener for all of us.
We were 3+Female Vocalist.
I have made a career of switching between Guitar and Bass.
In this outfit, I play Bass.

We lost our Guitarist to Cancer just over a Month ago.
I spoke of it in another Thread.

The Singer, Drummer and, I decided to get another guitar Player so we could put a set together to Honor our Fallen Band Mate at his Celebration of Life in June.

It will be an Hour or, so of People Talking about him and then, The JAM will be ON!
All of us in that band have Hosted Jam Sessions for many years.
So when word of his Passing came, the BIG Question was: WHEN IS THE JAM SESSION???

Enter our New Guitarist.
He came to my attention when he started hanging around the Jam Session that I currently Host.

From the First time he got up on stage with me, he brought GAME.
In the best ways possible.
Easy going, relaxed, then he would play soooo well!

So we had him over, the Drummer and Singer have never met him because he is kind of new to town.
He came through with Flying Colors.

Turns out he and, the Drummer were brought up on the same Musical Idols, they spent a lot of time tromping down Memory Lane.

Just a nice way to spend a Friday Night.