FIRST MAJOR VENUE GIG IN 3+ YEARS: Review/Observations.


Dec 6, 2021
Lloyd Cole, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Monday 25th April 2022.

I bought the tickets for this gig in July 2019 and the gig was scheduled for April 2020, then something strange but predictable happened...say no more, say no more, a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat!

This was the eventual date after a few rescheduled dates and cancellations.

The gig itself was Mr Cole and an acoustic guitar for the first set and former Commotions guitarist Neil Clark on acoustic for the second set in probably the best sounding venue in the city. My favourite large venue bar none and has been since seeing the Blue Nile perform there on its opening night in 1990. 32 years later the venue still looks and sounds magnificent.

Lloyd Cole himself performed well, not the greatest guitarist, adequate enough to convey the songs, voice a bit less agile (if it ever was) but an excellent song writer. He appeared to feel at home in the city where he started out in 1983, now he even speaks between songs which he never did in the early/mid 1980s.

A long set (like this post), 3 hours with a half hour interval, plenty material to cover and left a couple of my own favourites out but finished with my favourite "Forest Fire". The set was probably too long for a solo act, began to sound a bit samey without a band, however overall a good gig 7/10.

Some observations:
I ran into some old friends and saw some familiar faces, some I who I saw at Lloyd Cole's first major venue gig in the city in October 1984. In fact I'm sure there were few people below the age of 50 at the venue.
I even saw a version of my mother with long hair and stubble but that might have just been my own reflection in the mirror.
Oddly there was a long queue for the gents toilet but none for the ladies. I'm sure there's a prostate/pelvic floor connection in there somewhere.
Age doesn't come on it's own I suppose, judging by the 90% spectacle wearing audience.

Next gig Grandaddy, same venue this Friday.


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May 29, 2016
West Lothian, Scotland
Great venue for sure. I've seen quite a few acts there in the years leading up to You Know What -- Steve Hackett, Dweezil Zappa, Suzanne Vega, The Musical Box, King Crimson...

I have also noticed the gents' toilet queues. At one of these gigs I went up to the top floor at the interval and found a bar which was closed, but with toilets that were open and queueless! That's my expert tip for next time you're there...

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