First gig with new amp and without restrictions(Tone Master content)


TDPRI Member
Jan 26, 2019
New Brunswick, Canada
We had some outside gigs and inside gigs with restriction last year, but Saturday was the first actual dance the band put on at the local legion in probably five years. Had to cancel New years and Valentines due to it being the bands responsibility to enforce mask wearing and what-not…
Had 157 people show up and it was so great to see people dancing and having a great time again! That legion is a great sounding place with the wood floors, etc..
Now, I bought a Tone Master Deluxe Reverb a couple weeks ago and had it at a couple practices. I also got a new Wampler Tumnus Deluxe OD. Used the Tumnus and/ or a Paisley Drive most of the night and an Angry Charlie for about three songs.
We keep the stage volume low and let the PA do the work. Had the amp volume on 4/5 at the .5W setting and my monitor had a bit coming back at me. I’ve never played an actual Deluxe, but man, this thing is LOUD when it gets cranked.
Anyways, the first one is in the books and looking forward to a busy, good sounding summer.