finished my Esquire conversion!

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    Jul 5, 2020
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    This was a tele copy I bought when I lived in Korea. I always thought the hardware and body were surprisingly nice for the money. The neck is a bit crude and the pickups were kinda blah, but it got the job done for being my overseas companion. When I came back to the states, though, it was kinda the redheaded stepchild of my small guitar stable; didn't really do anything that the others couldn't do better. So I wanted to make it a guitar that does things my other guitars can't. And, since I've never so much as touched a soldering iron before, and one new pickup is cheaper than two, I thought making it a kickass Esquire would be the obvious thing.

    The pickup is a Cavalier Twin Lion, Nashville/Huge. Position 1: Huge, position 2: Nashville, position 3: Nashville w/Arlo cocked wah. Plus I'm using a no-load tone pot and a treble bleed. Many thanks to @moosie for drawing up wiring diagrams for me! I kinda thought I was doing a sloppy job soldering, but to my surprise everything seems to work perfectly.

    I was initially a little disappointed that there wasn't more of a volume difference between the Nashville and Huge settings -- there's some volume difference of course but it's really more of a tonal thing. But that's just me not knowing what to expect, I guess, and I really love the tone on both of them, covers a ton of ground from twang to fire-breathing rock. The cocked wah is pretty cool, although I might play around with the component values to make it more aggressive, or have it wired to the Huge setting instead to compensate for the natural drop in output.

    Overall it's really breathed new life into this instrument, and it's cool to have a guitar that looks so simple but does so much. I must say it's the perfect match for a tweed Champ!
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  2. Peegoo

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    That looks great!

    A one-pickup guitar is not the one-trick omany players think they are. I love the Esquire and Les Paul Junior for their pure simplicity and killer tone.
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    That burst is exquisite !!!

    Nice amp, as well !!!

    Best of luck in the future !!!

    Congrats !!!
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    Jun 2, 2020
    Cool. I always like mods.
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    I would say thats 100% legit! Well done Sir...
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