Finally put a neck on my first build

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    Jan 14, 2021
    5A6C39B0-CF4C-4F9E-BC6E-2A3D103DBDF4.jpeg B1AA2A76-9D9E-41B7-BABB-52522DBDB48F.jpeg A63A7968-A5C5-4391-9FCA-BD98589CAB56.jpeg 4C0BB8AB-1E30-423C-952D-56646C7E5CA1.jpeg AAD0A570-5A63-4585-8155-CEA231E0CAFB.jpeg 82F2ACFF-4EFD-46F1-8AF8-47938068FADE.jpeg Had been using the neck off my ‘86 Bullet, which I’m happy I can put back in that and have a Strat again. Put the ferrules in and was a little sad they put some finish cracks in the clear coat. Used the Lido maple neck from GFS. It’s my second Lido neck and I’ve been pretty pleased with both. The radius is 12” and definitely feels different than a Fender neck, but it feels good in my hands. Just need to install the string tree tomorrow. Here’s the neck and my two builds sitting together.
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