FGN Telecaster, check out that ASH


TDPRI Member
Nov 7, 2021
Imported from Japan to Canada a couple weeks back. I'm sure some of you know of Fujigen, they are a well known guitar builder in Japan who builds for several big companies. FGN is their own in house brand name.

I'm not going to give it a full in depth review but can tell you that the guitar plays better than my American Pro (2017) tele deluxe. I thought the american pro had a smooth neck, this neck is even smoother. Frets are jumbo (or medium-jumbo) and noticeably easier to move around the fretboard than my American Pro which has thin & tall frets. Hardware is quality Japanese stuff ie Gotoh. Weight is fairly light at 7.2 lbs which is the same as the Am Pro tele. Pickups sound great but can't compare them to the humbuckers on the american pro (different breed). It came with a great setup with low action. The only thing I did setup wise was raise the action a hair.

The cost with shipping, tax/Duty was $1,350 $CAD. A Mexican made Fender Player Plus currently goes for close to $1,600 incl tax but is no where near the quality of this FGN. Check out FGN on Reverb if you are a player looking for the best instrument for your money regardless of name. They make other familar shapes like strats, teles and their own shapes.