Fender vs Warmoth fret size

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    On Fender website
    6105: .090″ x .055″
    6150: .102″ x .042″

    On Warmoth website
    6105: .095" X .047"
    6150: .104" X .047"

    On Stewmac website
    Medium high .095" x .045"
    Wide medium 0.103" x 0.46"

    It seems all after market frets are similar to each other but they are different than Fender's? It seems when talking about, say 6105, every manufacturer has their own size. Any thoughts?

    Also Warmoth 6105 and 6150 are only different in width. While Fender's narrow tall are really "narrower" and "taller" than their 6150. Could you please advise if there is very noticeable difference between Warmoth's 6105 and 6150?
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    Fret wire descriptions are all over the place.
    Fender "Narrow & Tall " sizes are 054" x 094" or 055" x 090" depending where you look.
    Strangely the same part number 0991999000 was previously used on packs of jumbo fretwire!
    The 055" x 090" is Custom Shop spec afaik.

    The Warmoth sizes are the same as Jescar FW47095 and FW47104. Jescar don't use 6105 etc numbering. I suspect Warmoth are trying to use generic terms.

    I work in mm and the Warmoth wire is 2.41mm and 2.64mm wide which to me is not a noticeable difference.

    Fender source fretwire from at least 2 Japanese manufacturers and elsewhere and the 6xxx numbering which was originally used by Dunlop is (mis)used a lot.
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