Fender Vintera Mod '50s Telecaster Neck

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by Torgo, May 26, 2021.

  1. Torgo

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    Dec 2, 2015
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    Jan 2, 2020
    At least over here in Europe - expensive as hell. Looks fine to me though if you can deal with/like the specs (1st Fret - .870" 12th Fret - .975", soft-V, 9.5" radius and medium jumbo frets and most importantly, roasted + poly finish). But even after carefully reviewing the specs, it's still way too expensive for just a neck. Why not get a used 50s Baja telecaster for a few hundred bucks more and get exactly the same neck but without the roasting - plus the rest of the guitar?
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  3. Fenderbaum

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    Apr 10, 2021
    Bergen, Norway
    Hi there. I have the 60´neck (C-shape) on my Bourboncaster, not the 50´s (V-shape). Wonderful neck.
    To me, roasted maple is actually no gimmick. Compared to regular maple, these necks resonates quite a bit more in your hand. So they are basically much better equipped for sustain over all because they barely have any moisture left in them, if at all any. I hear it when i tap on them, much lighter in sound and more vibrant than my maples.. My Tele have a excellent sustain.. If the neck is to blame, i don´t know :)

    For now im using that "syntetic bone" nut. Maybe ill throw in a bone nut later, but how this neck resonates, i really dont need it.

    Satin back. I find these much better than lacquered backs.. Smooth as silk no matter how sweaty you get.
    Mine is 41.3mm nut width. Nice and slim C-profile all the way up. Does not get beefier. Im sure the V-shape goes the same.

    Otherwise very content and happy with my neck..

    Only "negative" thing was the weird peghole diameter at 9.09mm. Slightly too large for regular 8.8mm bushings Klusons styles come with. So i did not want to ream it, i tracked down 9mm bushings for this neck instead.


    Got my neck for $415 with shipping and import charges from gitaraudio on Ebay. If you have the patience, it`s wise to have guitar parts on watchlist. Sometimes the sellers crawl trough their watchlist clients and send out some % off-offers. Got around $30-40 off on my Vintera neck after siting on the watchlist for a while.
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  4. srblue5

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    Oct 12, 2020
    Not sure if this helps since I didn't buy the neck separately but I have a neck with that profile on my Vintera '50s Modified Tele.

    I love it. It's quite thick -- not as much as the regular Vintera 50s Tele neck or a '52 reissue -- but fills the hand nicely. I like the 9.5" radius and medium jumbo frets too. Very bend friendly and playable. A nice mix of vintage and modern feel.

    Can't comment on the roasted maple part, since mine isn't roasted.
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