Fender Transformer Numbers 62 Super

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    Mar 7, 2009
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    I'm trying to restore this old Super to original specs, Someone replaced the original output tranny which I have and installed a larger one from fender, I have not been able to run the numbers and wonder what it is from, I have the original and want to have it re wound. info on the OT and any rewinders you can reccomend much appreciated.I have no idea what this huge black OT really belongs in. IMG_3465.jpg
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    Mar 17, 2003
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    The 6G4 used the 45216 OT. The 6G4A used the 125A6A. Both of these are smaller OT’s. The 125A6A was also used in BF Bandmasters, Vibrolux Reverbs, Pro reverbs, and the Tremolux.
    For a rewind, I would spend my money with Mercury Magnetics. Ommv. They can rebuild to a blueprint of an actual 125A6A perhaps....for more money than off the shelf. Or...for more money, they will blueprint your OT as they tear it down and rebuild that OT.
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