Fender Player Plus Tele vs Fender Player Nashville Plus?


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Aug 8, 2020
New York
First off, what are your general thoughts on these guitars? Is it a noticeable upgrade from the fender player in terms of tones (with plus noiseless picks ups) and playability? Is the modern C neck a little smaller and smoother to play?

Also between the Plus and Nashville plus, which would have more versatility in terms of tones. I like teles but don't want to be limited to just the twang. Would either of these plus versions be more likely to provide better blues, rock, and even jazz tones? Thanks

John C

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Sep 20, 2005
Kansas City
You actually have several questions to unpack; here's my take on most of them:

Player vs. Player Plus neck - the two necks are the Fender Modern C and therefore have same basic shape and depth, but the Player Plus has a slightly wider neck at the nut (1.685" vs. 1.65" - note that they are the same width at the neck heel); the Player Plus has a flatter 12" radius compared to the Player at 9.5" radius; and the Player Plus has rolled fingerboard edges so it does feel a little smoother in that respect. But you have to remember that all Fender necks have a level of hand finishing to them so they are all slightly different. The nut width and radius will be personal preferences - what's best for one person will not be best for another.

Pickups - some people like noiseless pickups, others do not. Again - personal preference. I have found that I don't particularly care for the pickups in the Player Plus models - I've tried several of the regular Tele, Nashville Tele and regular (SSS) Strat models through a few different amps and none of them have grabbed me sonically. But that's just me; lots of people like these pickups.

Versatility - sure the Nashville is going to have more sounds, giving a couple of sounds associated with Strats. They both have some additional wiring:

Regular Player Plus Tele has 4 wiring schemes
1. bridge pickup
2. both pickups in parallel (push/pull pot down)/both pickups in series (push/pull pot up)
3. neck pickup

Nashville Player Plus Tele has 7 wiring schemes
1. bridge pickup (push/pull pot down)/bridge + neck pickup in parallel (push/pull switch up)
2. bridge + middle pickup in parallel (push/pull pot down)/all 3 pickups in parallel (push/pull switch up)
3. middle pickup
4. middle + neck pickup in parallel
5. neck pickup

But are they sounds you like, usable sounds, etc.? Only you can tell that - as you can see between the use of the push/pull pot you can get 3 of the 4 wiring schemes of the "regular" Tele on the Nashville version. The Nashville version has 4 different wiring schemes/sounds but you don't get the "bridge & neck pickup in series" sound - which is a loud almost humbuckerish sound.

At the end of the day people play all those kinds of music on any kind of guitar (Tele, Strat, Les Paul, etc.) and make it work; try all 3 (Player, Player Plus and Player Plus Nashville) and pick whichever one you like - and you may even like the more basic Player better.