Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Signal Path

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    May 25, 2016

    I'm trying to understand the signal path for my FHRD. Attached is what I think the signal path should be but would like someone with this knowledge to verify it? If it's not correct please let me know so that I can edit the signal flow on the document and then I'll repost an updated version.

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    David, welcome to the tdpri, your picture looks a little fuzzy to me, possibly why there's been no response.

    I happen to have a large version of that schematic that I once traced the signal path with a high lighter, so it is easier for me to comment.

    Looks like you are tracing the normal channel.

    You have the signal going thru the reverb circuit, I am not sure if the signal always goes thru there, maybe you always have the reverb on so that would be right, I believe.

    You trace the signal thru only one half of the phase inverter tube, the signal would also go thru the 12ax7a tube located at B3 on the schem, and from there to the lower 6l6 power tube. Now I do see your path thru that tube, but the signal enters that tube from the left, just like the upper one.

    You also highlighted between pins 8 of the power tubes, the cathodes, no signal there. The high current enters the tube at the cathode, picks up the signal at the grid, pin 5, and leaves at the plate, pin 3
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