Fender DSP90 issues

Strat Jacket

Nov 6, 2018
Land of Lincoln
Hey, all...I have an early 2000's Fender DSP-90 blackface amp that has developed some issues. It started on the 'dirty' channel and worked it's way to the clean channel. After several (10-15) minutes of playing, I start getting a hum and crackle that gets louder as time goes on, to the point where I have to shut it down because it's too annoying. This happens with multiple guitars and cords so that's not the issue.
Several years ago when I bought my Tele I looked into having the tech at the guitar store check it out, and he quoted me around $100.00 to diagnose the issue, then time & materials to repair, estimating somewhere within the "several hundred dollar range"...which seemed pretty iffy to me. Rather than go that route, I bought a new Super Champ X2 and have been quite happy with it. But...
I stare at the DSP almost daily thinking "what a waste" and again, I'm thinking of bringing it in for repairs just to close that chapter and have another good, working amp.
Any opinions on what the issue could be, and approximate costs to repair? Again, it seems silly to drop $3-400 into it when I could get a new amp for a little more.
(I also posted this on Strat Talk)