Fender American Tele Special vs Fender American Standard

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by Billy C, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. otstratman

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    Oct 10, 2014
    I have owned both and I currently own a Fender "Limited Edition" American Special Telecaster Autumn Blaze Metallic with Maple Neck. I really like the Fender American Standard Telecasters before FMIC changed the bridge saddle to Stratocaster Bent Steel Saddles. So, for an additional cost I installed a Gotoh nickel plated brass bridge with solid stainless steel bridge saddles. This really changed up the feel and tone to a much better level. I also installed Hipshot 21:1 ratio super staggered locking tuning machines which also make a really big difference. The "Custom Shop" Texas Special Alnico V Magnet based pickup's are the hottest wound Tele pickup's Fender makes. To me the Texas Special's don't sound as good as they should with the original 3 brass barrel bridge. Swapping the bridge for the Gotoh makes a really big difference. Then there is the Jumbo frets. I have big hands and I have always preferred larger frets so this is a personal preference which I really love. The difference in price is a big factor. These days you would have to get a Fender American Professional Telecaster for around $1,449.99 or you could get a Fender American Special Telecaster like this one for around $899.99. That's like over $500.00 for very similar Tele's. Mine came flawless from the factory and the "Custom Color" is very very cool.

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    your spot on with these are personal feel and fit choices.
    Those 2 guitars are top of the class, for certain aspects.
    I'm a recent tele convert for about a year now.
    I bought a Fender American elite with the 6 saddles, in January just amazing and impressed, very articulate well-balanced music machine, then I accidentally went and played Fender American special absolutely fantastically love the jumbo frets, the 3 brass saddles give the guitar a raw beautiful slightly nasty tone that the 6 saddles don't quite have. the elite plays chords in flawless perfect tune. I'm so glad to have both guitars just back and forth back and forth.
    So the best way is to just judge what music, what style you lean towards, it certainly doesn't hurt to play them both head-to-head, if possible,But almost no way to make a mistake, really they are both nearly perfect guitars. Only slightly refined differences. I am having amazingly no intonation problems with the 3 brass saddles, I threw a set of NYXL 10's on, couple of twists of a screwdriver nearly flawless set up, instant Jimmy page nastiness. If I turn the volume down to 8 the Texas specials feel like extremely vintage telecaster.
    Spank, twang, super flexible pickups in my opinion.
    Good luck be curious to hear the follow-up will keep us in the loop Cheers
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    Jan 20, 2007
    Lonk I-lant, New York
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