Fender 3 saddle bridge on squier affinity-help?!

Discussion in 'Tele Home Depot' started by roorymarr, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. roorymarr

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Hi, this is my first ever mod to a guitar, ive decided to make my affinity tele a string though. Im not sure how far down to drill the holes, i know the method to drill them using the bridge as a guide, but is there a certain distance that the bridge/holes has to be on the body in relation to the neck?
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    Take the pickup out of the old bridge and put it in the new bridge. The mounted pickup in the pickup cavity will set limits on where the bridge goes in relation to the neck. Measure 25.5 inches from the body side of the nut and see that the middle saddle is under the 25.5 or can be adjusted to that point.

    Wrap a couple of cloth or nylon strings around the E tuners as you would guitar strings. Put them through their respective nut slots and back over the saddles as if they were guitar strings. Attach some sort weight to these strings and drape them over the back end of the guitar. Move the bridge laterally so you have equal spacing between the strings and the edge of the fretboard on each side.

    These pictures my help.



    If you're using the bridge as a guide method, I'll just make a few points which you may already know.

    1. Use a drill press.
    2. Don't use a bit smaller than 1/8 in.
    3. Drill only the two outside holes all the way through from the front.
    4. Drill the four inner holes only about half way through from the front.
    5. Turn the body over and insert 1/8 in. dowels or drill bits through the outside bridge holes and into the two body holes.
    6. Drill the four inside holes to meet the holes from the front.
    7. Remove the bridge and drill the ferrule holes. A Forstner bit works well because the center point can be lined up with the 1/8 in. holes and it can slice through the finish without chipping.


    Good luck.
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