FedEx let me down....UPDATED


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Jun 5, 2012
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I've had good luck with FedEx and UPS, in that order. One thing I've started doing is to try and not get to excited until I see the item has arrived at my local facility...the tracking for in-transit seems more than a bit haphazard and time-warped. I frequently have big/expensive items like guitars held at the local facility for me to pickup, preventing me from sitting around all day wishing for it, or worrying about it on the stoop if I can't be there.

Last week, my UPS tracker dropped off at 9pm, prompting me to think a guitar would arrive the next day. UPS doesn't knock or ring the bell. I went to bed ~10pm. The guitar was delivered at 1015pm and set on our stoop where I found it in the morning...I didn't care for that, but no harm done.

USPS something of a crap shoot.

I also note that some of my recent Reverb shippers have printed shipping labels, activating the tracking systems days ahead of actually shipping the item...that is frustrating.

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Dec 13, 2010
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I just had an amp delivered by FedEx. It was ok. The problem was the shipper created a shipping label but it didn't show up in tracking until a full 2 weeks later when it showed as received by FedEx. Then it took a couple extra days more than expected for the delivery.

I believe the problem was with the shipper. He didn't ship when he said he did. But I did get the amp. Funny thing was it showed being shipped just days before I would have been able to get eBay involved. o_O Btw the communication with the shipper was just horrible and there was no power cord with the amp. Fortunately I have spares. OK rant over. :)
I hate when this happens...
People do this all the time. They print a shipping label, then actually drop the item off at the shipper four days later. People toss stuff in their back seats and think they'll get to the P.O. later then forget.

Please, folks, it doesn't count as shipped unless it is in the possession of the shipper. "Item Shipped" doesn't start after you print a label.

It's only going to get worse. The Post Office is being attacked and undermined by the new Postmaster General. For some reason, we need to slow the mail way down... o_O