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Favorite lyrics...

Discussion in 'Music to Your Ears' started by soulgeezer, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. soulgeezer

    soulgeezer Poster Extraordinaire

    Nov 5, 2006
    Sinatra's World
    What is your favorite lyric, even if it's from a song that you don't particularly like? (Just FTR, I really like the song I'm posting below!)

    Mine has been with me since I first won the album "Life in the Foodchain" in a radio call-in contest, "The Funky Western Civilization" by Tonio K. The verses are not only clever, but strangely timeless. And, the lyrics go...

    (Tonio K.)

    Come on everybody
    get on your feet
    get with the beat
    there's a brand new dance craze
    sweeping the nation
    and it's called the funky western civilization

    Well there's a riot in the courthouse, there's a fire in the street
    there's a sinner bein' trampled by a thousand pious feet
    there's a baby every minute bein' born without a chance
    now don't that make you want to jump right up and start to dance?

    Let's do the funky
    the funky western civilization
    it's really spunky
    it's just like summertime vacation
    you just grab your partner by the hair
    throw her down and leave her there

    They put jesus on a cross, they put a hole in j.f.k.
    they put hitler in the driver's seat and looked the other way
    now they've got poison in the water and the whole world in a trance
    but just because we're hypnotized, that don't mean we can't dance

    We've got the funky
    the funky western civilization
    it's really spunky
    it's just like summertime vacation
    you just drag your partner through the dirt
    leave him in a world of hurt

    You get down
    get funky
    get western
    (own up to it boys and girls)
    and if you try real hard maybe you can even get, you know, kinda civilized

    (Mesdames et messieurs, bon soir. this is joan of arc. tonio has asked me to personally deliver a rather special message. he say he just cannot get enough of my 15th-century wisdom. he say he loves it when i talk with him like this. and after many a saturday night of doing ze funky western civilization together, i know for a fact he agrees with me when i say [in french]:
    you can ******** the baker and get the buns
    you can back out of every deal except one)

    Oh, it's a funky
    a funky western civilization
    it's oh, so very spunky
    it's just like summertime vacation
    all's you gotta do is find some little kid somewhere
    and throw him way up in the air
    (never mind the parents)

    Yes it's a funky
    a funky western civilization
    and it may seem kinda skunky, you know
    but it's hitting every nation (all across the universe)
    that's 'cause all's you gotta do is grab your partner by the hair
    throw her down and leave her there

    ©1978 Worthless Music and Propane Publishing Co. (ASCAP)

    If you've never heard the song, it's really worth a listen:

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  2. ravindave_3600

    ravindave_3600 Friend of Leo's

    Apr 30, 2004
    Newly Indiana
    I really enjoyed Tonio K's wordplay and insight. Thanks for remembering him.

    I've heard of unfaithful lovers but this is outrageous...
    Soon the national enquirer will run the front pages...
    Shakespeare and Cheetah are crying in their margaritas...
    Bad news.
  3. RyCo1983

    RyCo1983 Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 15, 2012
    Central PA
    I look forward to some excellent posts here.

    Can't see my sig...it's my favorite line ever. But not my favorite song by any means.
  4. Jack S

    Jack S Friend of Leo's

    Sep 25, 2008
    Berwyn, IL
    The ghost of electricity howls in the bones of her face...
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  5. chesire

    chesire Tele-Afflicted Ad Free Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    The Ol' Pueblo
    Did you exchange a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage?
  6. WigWam

    WigWam TDPRI Member

    Apr 21, 2016
    United States
    The lyrics of Thrasher and Pocahontas, both by Neil Young, immediately come to mind.
    Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen is right up there with those two songs. Springsteen was really at his best when he wrote that one.
  7. Jack S

    Jack S Friend of Leo's

    Sep 25, 2008
    Berwyn, IL
    Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.
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  8. Hexabuzz

    Hexabuzz Friend of Leo's

    Dec 13, 2014
    Northeast PA
    Tea, girls, warm, sweet
    Some are set up in the Somerset Maugham suite...
  9. Tele wacker

    Tele wacker Tele-Holic

    Jun 15, 2009
    Wichita is nice.
    "Mister at the microphone, mister at the tap,
    With your blues and beer, won't you bring the memories back"

    by a guy named Scotty Ray. He is Colin Ray's brother.
  10. ebb soul

    ebb soul Poster Extraordinaire

    Jun 7, 2016
    Smyrna georgia
    Tonio K, wow, great album, great Tele/ mando slinger too!

    " maybe someday, I'll remember, to forget"- Dylan

    " I banged , and I kicked it, from the front , and the sides, I checked, to make shure, that my change was right - and the soda machine, at Charlotte and Queens, is as empty, as, my heart"- F Eaglesmith
  11. elihu

    elihu Poster Extraordinaire

    Dec 24, 2009
    "I'm tired of running 'round looking for answers to questions that I already know...
    I could build me a castle of memories just to have somewhere to go..."

    Blaze Foley-Clay Pigeons
  12. brookdalebill

    brookdalebill Tele Axpert Ad Free Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    Austin, Tx
    James Taylor's Valentine's Day
    Elvis Costello's God's Comic
    Squeeze's Labeled With Love
    Freddy Powers' Little Hotel Room
    The Grateful Dead's Box Of Rain
    Stephen Stills' Bluebird and 49 Bye Byes
    Neil Young's Flying On The Ground
    Paul Simon's Old Friends/Bookends
    Paul McCartney's Calico Skies
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  13. Steve 78

    Steve 78 Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Oct 27, 2015
    Melbourne, Austraila
    "It's too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around".
    Pink Floyd - Dogs
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  14. jondanger

    jondanger Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Jan 27, 2011
    Charm City, MD
    Drive By Truckers - Outfit

    One of the greatest songs I know:

    You want to grow up to paint houses like me, a trailer in my yard till you're 23
    You want to be old after 42 years, keep dropping the hammer and grinding the gears

    Well, I used to go out in a Mustang, a 302 Mach One in green.
    Me and your Mama made you in the back and I sold it to buy her a ring.
    And I learned not to say much of nothing and I figured you already know
    But in case you don't or maybe forgot, I'll lay it out real nice and slow

    Don't call what your wearing an outfit. Don't ever say your car is broke.
    Don't worry about losing your accent, a Southern Man tells better jokes.
    Have fun but stay clear of the needle. Call home on your sister's birthday.
    Don't tell them you're bigger than Jesus, don't give it away.

    Six months in a St. Florian foundry, they call it Industrial Park.
    Then hospital maintenance and Tech School just to memorize Frigidaire parts.
    But I got to missing your Mama and I got to missing you too.
    So I went back to painting for my old man and I guess that's what I'll always do

    So don't try to change who you are boy, and don't try to be who you ain't.
    And don't let me catch you in Kendale with a bucket of wealthy-man's paint.

    Don't call what your wearing an outfit. Don't ever say your car is broke.
    Don't sing with a fake British accent. Don't act like your family's a joke.
    Have fun, but stay clear of the needle, call home on your sister's birthday.
    Don't tell them you're bigger than Jesus, Don't give it away.

    Don't give it away
  15. MDent77

    MDent77 Tele-Afflicted

    Jun 13, 2016
    New England
    I tend to enjoy a good story or colorful symbolism - common of Bob Dylan and Harry Chapin type writers.

    One I was listening to recently - not a popular song.

    Neil Young – Thrasher

    They were hiding behind hay bales, they were planting in the full moon,
    They had given all they had for something new.
    But the light of day was on them, they could see the thrashers coming
    And the water shone like diamonds in the dew.

    And I was just getting up, hit the road before it's light,
    Tryin' to catch an hour on the sun.
    When I saw those thrashers rollin' by, lookin' more than two lanes wide,
    I was feelin' like my day had just begun.

    Where the eagle glides descending there's an ancient river bending,
    Thru the timeless gorge of changes where sleeplessness awaits
    I searched out my companions, who were lost in crystal canyons,
    When the aimless blade of science slashed the pearly gates.

    It was then I knew I'd had enough, burned my credit card for fuel,
    Headed out to where the pavement turns to sand.
    With a one-way ticket to the land of truth and my suitcase in my hand,
    How I lost my friends I still don't understand.

    They had the best selection, they were poisoned with protection,
    There was nothing that they needed, nothing left to find.
    They were lost in rock formations or became park bench mutations,
    On the sidewalks and in the stations they were waiting, waiting.

    So I got bored and left them there, they were just deadweight to me,
    Better down the road without that load.
    Brings back the time when I was eight or nine, I was watchin' my mama's TV,
    It was that great Grand Canyon rescue episode.

    Where the vulture glides descending on an asphalt highway bending,
    Thru libraries and museums, galaxies and stars.
    Down the windy halls of friendship, to the rose clipped by the bullwhip,
    The motel of lost companions waits with headed pool and bar.

    But me I'm not stopping there, got my own row left to hoe,
    Just another line in the field of time.
    When the thrasher comes over I'm stuck in the sun like the dinosaurs in shrines,
    Then I'll know the time has come to give what's mine.
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  16. troy2003

    troy2003 Friend of Leo's

    Mar 30, 2010
    Guitars that tune good and firm feeling women

    Well, I'd love to spit some Beech Nut in that dudes eyes, and shoot him with my old .45

    And I love this ditty

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  17. suave eddie

    suave eddie Friend of Leo's

    Feb 28, 2009
    Department of redundancy department
    This is one of them.

  18. S00NERMAN

    S00NERMAN Tele-Meister

    Jan 7, 2016
    Best song ever written is Ordinary Man by Triumph! Give it a listen.
  19. Troubleandahalf

    Troubleandahalf Tele-Afflicted

    Jun 2, 2011
    Austin, TX
    Someone should mention Morrison, and I believe his most effective lyrics are in Peace Frog. (Sounds Very relevant today, no?)

    There's blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles
    (She came)
    There's blood on the streets, it's up to my knee
    (She came)
    Blood on the streets, in the town of Chicago
    (She came)
    Blood on the rise, it's following me
    Think about the break of day

    She came and then she drove away
    Sunlight in her hair

    (She came)
    Blood in the streets runs a river of sadness
    (She came)
    Blood in the streets it's up to my thigh
    (She came)
    Yeah, the river runs red down the legs of the city
    (She came)
    The women are crying rivers of weepin'

    She came into town and then she drove away
    Sunlight in her hair

    Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleeding
    Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind

    Blood in the streets in the town of New Haven
    Blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of Venice
    Blood in my love in the terrible summer
    Bloody red sun of Phantastic L.A.

    Blood screams the pain as they chop off her fingers
    Blood will be born in the birth of a nation
    Blood is the rose of mysterious union

    There's blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles
    Blood in the streets, it's up to my knee
    Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago
    Blood on the rise, it's following me
  20. loco gringo

    loco gringo Tele-Holic Gold Supporter

    Jul 14, 2016
    The Altered State
    "Killing him didn't make the love go away." Amy Lavere

    "An old Diablo waits in silence
    For the loco gringo young in years
    He waits alone in heavens shadows
    With a stolen horse and tequila tears"

    Ray Wylie Hubbard

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