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Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by hekawi, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. hekawi

    hekawi Poster Extraordinaire

    Apr 29, 2003
    greenville, sc
    Time for a little name-dropping. What famous people have you met over the years, and what did you think of them? Did your opinion change after the encounter?

    here's my list:

    Alan Shepard: met America's first man in space in a bookshop. i was in awe; he was very "down to earth".

    William Shatner: met the fictional spaceman several years ago. the tv station where i work aired the original Star Trek series back then. he was in town for a Sci-Fi convention and agreed to tape a promo for us. he ended up directing as well. very sure of himself. nice rug.

    Red Skelton: met him back in the late 70s shopping in a department store. he was "on" as they say in the business...cracking jokes and cutting up with the folks who recognized him. you couldn't help but laugh, and he ate it up.

    Butch Patrick: met "Eddie" from the Munsters while taping an infomercial.... this was about 10 years ago. he was friendly and professional. still looked like Eddie. he had a pushy, annoying girlfriend with him, though.

    John Walsh: met the host of America's Most Wanted the year the show began. he came to a premiere party at our station (Fox affiliate). the man is INTENSE!

    Bruce Campbell: from the "Evil Dead" movies, among others, and some of you might remember his series "Brisco County Jr". great guy. right away, you felt like he was an old friend he hadn't seen in a while.

    what are your brushes with greatness?
  2. Doug Ferguson

    Doug Ferguson Friend of Leo's

    Jan 3, 2008
    Indianapolis, IN
    Rosemary Clooney. My wife and I were having supper in a resturant in Maysville, KY whne she and some friends came into eat. Maysville was her hometown. She was very pleasant and gracious.

    Hal Fryer.A local Indy celeb who hosted the "Harlow Hickenlooper Show", a kids program that showed Three Stooges flicks. He was my sponsor at an Eagle Scout banquet. He kept apologizing that he was the best they could do for the field I'd chosen, artist. We went on a tour of the TV studio where he did his show and a I met a couple of the graphic artists there. I didn't care if he wasn't "the best". I was thrilled! I'd grown up watching his show, after all. Just an all around great guy. A lot of the other guys kept asking, "How'd you get Harlow to be your sponsor?" Just lucky.

    Bobby Kennedy. Didn't really meet him in the sense we talked, but I shook his hand as his car drove slowly into a shopping mall where he deleivered a speech. Later that day, Martin Luther King was assinated, and Kennedy came back to Indy and made another speech urging clam as a matter of respect for what King stood for. There were no riots in Indy thanks to that speech. A bit of me died when he himself was gunned down just a few weeks later.
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  3. davidge1

    davidge1 Friend of Leo's

    Nov 13, 2006
    While shopping in the the Levi's Store in Seattle with my wife late one Sunday morning I saw Robert Plant. We went upstairs where he was shopping and tried to spy on him, but he saw me looking at him and said with a big smile, "You're following me!" So we went over and shook his hand. He probably figured it was better to talk to us for a minute than have us following him around while he was trying to shop! He was really nice...we were excited about it for the rest of the day.
  4. 51tele

    51tele Tele-Holic

    Aug 15, 2006
    new orleans
    1968------jimi hendrix in baltimore after a show
    1971------smoked a joint with gerry garcia backstage at winterland(frisco)
    1975------met and jammed with allman bros
    1975------met albert king
    1976------jammed with johnny winter
    1977------met leslie west
    2006------met robin trower
  5. Fendrcaster

    Fendrcaster Tele-Afflicted

    Sep 18, 2006
    Milledgeville, Georgia
    I met the Beach Boys back in '67 or thereabout. My buddy and I were leaving the concert at Constitution Hall in DC and saw a couple limos parked under a portico. So, we walked up to them and hung around, the guys came out a couple minutes later and got in the limos. They rolled down the windows and talked to us for a few minutes.
    I met Danny Gatton a couple times, once in Nashville and once in DC. On that trip to Nashville, I met pedal steel players Buddy Emmons, Doug Jernigan, Curly Chalker, Paul Franklin, Sr. and Bobbe Seymour. I wandered into a block party on Music Row and was standing next to Chet Atkins, but didn't bother him.
    I met the guys from New Riders of the Purple Sage at Manny's in New York City.
    Not as famous, but my cousin, Hansford Rowe, is the bassist for the band Gongzilla, he played with Gong back in the '80's.
  6. Jakedog

    Jakedog Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Mar 26, 2003
    The North Coast
    Whoa, where to start, this music thing has been very kind to me...

    Terry Bozzio- Did an in-store at a shop where I worked, nice guy, a little odd, but who amongst isn't sometimes. For some reason, I thought he was vegetarian, but he asked where the best burgers were to be had...

    Steve Vai- Did an in store at another shop where I worked, and while hanging out in the back afterward, said see you guys after the show tonite. I told him we didn't have tix, and he wrote down our names, and said he'd leave them at will call. When we arrived, we found he'd also left back-stage passes. One of the nicest, most down to earth famous people I have ever met. Just a genuine sweetheart of a guy. And VERY gracious and humble to everyone who spoke to him that night, regardless of how they behaved.

    Mike Keneally- Same show, he was playing in Steve's band. THAT guy, is a gear-head. Very cool, regular guitar nut kind of guy, who also happens to play like an alien.

    Robben Ford- Was a jerk.

    CC DeVille- Was a blast to party with. A million laughs a minute.

    Chip Z'nuff- Cannot serve draft beer to save his life. Hilarious if you were there.

    Bill Kirchen- What can I say, what a guy. Said he liked my tele. Thanks bill.:D

    Billy Joe Shaver- This man has been through the wringer, and then some. I wouldn't blame him a bit for being an angry basket case. But he's not. Very calm, very peaceful, and when he talks, it would be a good idea to listen. He says some amazing things. To have an attitude as positive as his, after all of the things that have happened to, and around him in his life, I have to think of him as an incredibly strong and wise man. I also have to think that guy he shot must have been REALLY out of line.:lol:

    Oh I almost forgot, Buddy Miles once sat in at a jam nite I was hosting.

    There are many others, but those are the highlights. Now on to my friends.

    Lately (for about the last year) I have had the immense pleasure of befriending, performing, and recording with the following people:

    Richie Albright- Drummer/Producer/Road manager for the late Waylon Jennings. Even at 70 or so years old, I garantee there is nobody anywhere who lays it down like Richie. It's the kick-drum from hell. Just listen to those old Waylon records, he's still got every bit of that groove. He also tells some great stories that will have you in stitches for hours. Helluva sweet guy too. I'd do anything for him.

    Fred Newell- Legendary nashville session guitarist, who has been on so many hit recordings, God lost count of 'em. Literally, if it came out of Nashville in the 80's, he probably played SOMETHING on it. He's also done pedal-steel work for tons of people, including Marty Stewart, and fifteen years on the Opry with Porter Wagoner. He's quick to laugh, is chock full of rural witticisms, and loves his PBR. Who can blame him? An interesting fact about Fred- he is the only nashville country artist to recieve a Marshall amp endorsement.

    Jerry "Jigger" Bridges- Bassist, guitarist, producer, and business manager for the late Waylon Jennings. Soft spoken, but unquestionably honest and genuine. One of the most solid bassists on earth, period. Told me a story last month when we were down in mississippi about him and Willie getting lost on a golf course in Australia. I almost peed my pants. He's done alot of other famous production work too, and is the best engineer I have ever worked with. Talk about fast and efficient.

    Eugene Moles- Bakersfield guitarist extraordinaire. He played in the Hee-Haw band, and toured with Merle Haggard when he was only eighteen years old. He's also been a Buckaroo, and is probably the best tele picker that I can say that I know personally. He'll bend your brain. It's freaking scary. He's like a Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jeckyll is the quiet guy who likes to talk about guitars over a cold beer. Mr. hyde is what he turns into when the groove is churning. Every time I step on the stage with him, I just want to hand him my guitar and walk away with my head down. He's that good.

  7. Flannel Pat

    Flannel Pat Tele-Holic

    Jul 25, 2007
    Bill Kirchen, John Mayall, Buddy Whittington.
  8. Mr. Sparkle

    Mr. Sparkle Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 2, 2005
    Joe Strummer, Charlie Watts, John Entwistle, Stevie Wonder, Paul Westerberg, Bob Stinson, Eminem, Jame Burton, Billy Joe Armstrong, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Slim Jim Phantom, Cesar Rosas.

    Those are the ones that comes to mind. I classify "met" as a minimum handshake introduction.
  9. 13ontheB

    13ontheB Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 16, 2005
    North West England
    James Burton, Manchester England last year,
    Wonderful warm person as well as an icon in the world of Telecasters.
  10. Mark Davis

    Mark Davis Telefied Ad Free Member

    Mar 2, 2003
    Bakersfield Ca.
    Willie Nelson in the real early 80's at the Palamino club partied with Willie sat right next to him for 2 hours doing what he is famous for and also drinking tequlia. Willie is the coolest man on earth best vibes of anyone Ive ever met.

    The Hellecasters all great guys my friend Steve Duncan was their drummer so got to see them a few times.

    Ricky Nelson Steve was his drummer and my friend John Davis played bass. Ricky was just like he was on TV super nice. He was the most handsome man Ive ever seen whatever he had and Elvis had was the same thing couldnt stop looking at him.

    Burton Cummings Guess Who. Went to his house in the Hollywod hills to a party when Sugar Ray and Roberto Duran fought. He was a great guy with a hige record collection. MY friend Jack Daniels who later played in Highway 101 was his guitar player back then.

    Lots more mostly musicians. Merle Roy Nichols Gene Moles all the Bakersfield crew.
  11. studio1087

    studio1087 Telefied Silver Supporter

    May 10, 2003
    Near Milwaukee
    Larry Hagman
    Peter Fonda
    David Crosby
    Grahm Nash
    Adrian Belew
    Robyn Hitchcock
    Patty Larkin

    Adrian Belew and Robyn Hitchcock are the weirdest stories. I met both guys after going to the bathroom at a Milwaukee Club called Shank Hall. I went to the bathroom and realized that they were in the bathroom. I talked with Adrian for about 15 minutes and he explained that there is no back stage men's room at Shank Hall. He said that the performers either have to use the normal men's room or the alley to pee before a show. He told us to lurk near the men's room before showtime if we want autographs. He was really funny.
  12. fauxsuper

    fauxsuper Tele-Afflicted

    Sep 15, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    Robben Ford -- Took his master class in Ojai, also installed his DirecTV system. Nice guy, one day older than I am: had a great discussion about Michael Bloomfield. We both thought he was great.

    Jerry Miller -- Finally saw my boyhood guitar Idol in 1990. He was way better than his recorded output and was a nice guy to boot as I got to chat with him at length.

    Bill Kirchen----The fact that he is on several lists here tells you how approachable he is. I discussed Charlie Ryan (the man who wrote Hot Rod Lincoln) with him, as I'd had the good fortune to back Charlie up a couple times. He seemed fascinated by this, as he'd spoken to Charlie on the phone a couple of times, but never met the man who provided his "meal ticket".

    Al Kooper-- I sold him some monitor speakers back in the 80's, he was amazingly funny and humble. He seemed as much a fan of Dylan and Bloomfield as I am, and talking with him was like speaking to a musical historian.

    Benmont Tench -- Another former customer who is such a regular guy, just seemed like another musician: who happened to be famous.

    Martin Landau -- Someone who's real personality is so far from his roles it's truely amazing. He was a wildman when he was young and hung out with James Dean. An enthralling storyteller.

    Horace Silver -- Walked into my shop (I was manager of an Audio/Video store) with a bunch of records under his arm to audition some speakers. I did not know who he was, but liked the music. I looked at the album jackets to see who made the records, only to discover the man was sitting right in front of me. He had AMAZING ears and quickly discovered what he was after. A total gentleman.

    Suzanna Hoffs -- I wasn't a real Bangles fan, but I alwys thought she was hot. She bought a TV from me. She was even hotter in person with no makeup on and introduced herself as "Sue" and had a very firm handshake. it rattled my cage a bit

    George Carlin -- Quite funny in person, and next to no attitude. Used to come into my shop fairly regularly.

    Henry Morgan -----It was like meeting your grandad, seemed like he was a lot like his "Col Potter character.

    Sammy Haggar Came into my shop with his manger looking for speaker stands: his manager did most of the talking for him. He had on a "Moscow Olympics 1980" T-shirt with a picture of a tank on it.

    Conrad Janis-----(played Mindy's father on Mork and Mindy, also a big band leader) The only celebrity I've ever met who treated me like a servant. Full of "don't you know who I am" attitude, rude and demanding.

    Ray Manzerak: ---- Reminded me of a college professor. He bought stuff from one of the salespeople who worked with me. Took me a while to know who he was.

    Wilt Chamberlain I met him once when he came into the store. He was WAY bigger than he looked like on TV, and it was hard not to stare as it was such a shock. Shaking hands with him made me feel like e little kid.
  13. bmgblues

    bmgblues Tele-Meister

    Aug 6, 2007
    I met Englebert Humperdinck in a Krystals in Cribdeath Iowa once. Weird..
  14. JimiBryant

    JimiBryant Tele-Afflicted

    Sep 10, 2007
    Chicago Chicago that toddlin' town
    over the years in my checkered career(s) I've met ****loads of famous people:
    movie stars, musicians, entertainers, local TV weathermen, porn stars, comedians,
    stage actors, and of course the "famous for 15 minutes" types as well.

    the good

    Hayden Thompson: early Sun Records guy was a chauffeur for hire
    in the town I grew up in, go figure!

    the Ramones: nice guys, weirdos, one of my favorite bands ever.

    Chrissie Hynde: we talked about bourbon and guitars!

    Tom Jones
    : he's a very nice man, my mother was SO excited when I told her

    Paul Burlison: bless him, he was another nice man and he sure played some
    HOT Telecaster when I saw him with the Sun Rhythm Section..

    Sun Ra: definitely out there, but what a band! RIP Sonny Blount.

    Les Paul: yet another nice man - VERY funny, certified genius

    John Lennon: I was 14 and too terrified to notice anything, I was literally
    shivering with fear. I think I said hi to him, I don't know. He definitely
    said "hullo there" to me and the sound of that voice just floored me.

    Elliott Easton
    : we talked about old Kustom tuck n' roll amps..

    Johnny Cash
    : one of the nicest people I've talked to, ever - I asked
    the great man for his autograph and he went back into his bus to get an
    8x10" to personalize for me! I've long since thought about all of the
    many thousands of times he must have had requests to sign stuff for
    fans and yet on his own, he made an extra effort to get a photo for little
    ol' me rather than sign whatever it was I had, probably just a piece of paper

    Ernie Banks
    : Mr Cub is one class act all the way.

    Chris Spedding: always a favorite player and a real nice fellow.

    Robert Plant: he's so short! (not that there's anything wrong with it)

    Adam West
    : the coolest!! c'mon he's Batman for gosh sakes! (and Mayor West on Family Guy!!)

    Jonathan Richman
    : very upbeat, talkative, and highly knowlegable about
    all things pertaining to the Velvet Underground.

    Moe Tucker: one of the few times I was speechless with awe, I couldn't
    even believe that I was standing next to the VU's drummer - and BTW
    Ms. Tucker is still the coolest.

    Deniz Tek: Val Kilmer's character in "Top Gun" was modeled after this guy!

    Walter Payton
    : how can one not love Sweetness?? he WAS the Bears for years!
    truly; a class act, bless his memory.

    Sleepy LaBeef: a big man with a big heart, I hope he lives forever.

    the not-so-good

    Patti Smith: cold, self-absorbed, indifferent, pseudo-weirdo

    Mr. T: he glared at me on the highway 'cuz my beater '66 Chevy was next
    to his shiny new Mercedes Benz in pearl with the gold trim!

    Alex Chilton: can be a real moody sonovabee, but not always

    Kurt Cobain: the poor man had himself some problems, for sure

    Reggie Jackson: he's a **** and a ****** as well.. and a *******!!

    Woody Allen: I had the eerie feeling I was meeting Groucho Marx

    coulda woulda shoulda

    I could have met Clapton and SRV once but we didn't want to wait around
    for an hour, or make that the guy with the car didn't want to wait.

    when I was about seven we saw Sly & The Family Stone eating at a pizzaria
    that my parents would go out to about twice a month!

    wish I could have met George Harrison, Bill Hicks, or Mitch Hedberg..
  15. ab347

    ab347 TDPRI Member

    Jul 10, 2005
    new jersey
    I am a retired cop,worked in nyc...so here's a few.... Andy Rooney...a gentleman..always stopped to talk and say a kind word.....Robin Willaims....was shooting a movie in Grand Central terminal...acted like an ass, giving orders and being obnoxious...my sargeant threatened to arrest him.....Bruce Springsteen....taking the train home to N.J....hung out with me for 5 minutes.....I put him in a cab to Penn Station....was very gracious and appeared to be a nice guy.......Harvey Keitel..very cool.....Hugh Grant..another gentleman......Diana Ross...was announcing the so called Supremes reunion and demanded 12 cops surround her on the way to the stage to be her guards...she got 3......never even acknowledged us.
  16. Jorge

    Jorge Tele-Afflicted

    Sep 17, 2006
    Did you notice this personally?
  17. sonicland

    sonicland Tele-Meister

    Apr 14, 2007
    Pigs Holler, PA
    I used to be a recording engineer in a pretty big studio in Manhattan so I met and worked with lots of famous people (mostly musicians of course) but one memory I have that stands out was when I was a lowly assistant engineer working on a video project for Jim Henson and his muppets. He was getting ready to record some muppet voices and the mic stand needed to be adjusted so I went to adjust it for him and when I asked him if it was okay, he said in Kermit's voice "okay, yes, that's swell". Won't ever forget that one.
  18. The Bone

    The Bone Friend of Leo's

    Apr 11, 2003
    Let me see

    John Madden - I was his paperboy for 3 years. He was a nice guy, invited me into the house when he paid the bill. Had a big bulldog named Boss. He tipped me $10.00 every Christmas, which was extremely generous back in those days.

    Alice Cooper quick handshake while he was finishing Breakfast before playing golf at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Didn't get to say more than hello, and good luck, but he seemed a genuinely friendly person.

    Robert Cray again very briefly at Larry Blakes in Berkeley. They used to have some really great music there, back in the Day. He played there and there were probably only 20-30 people at the most.

    Tinsley Ellis getting ready to go onstage at Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco. Very nice guy.

    Eddie "The Chief" Clearwaterat the Kingston Mines in Chicago. Very nice man. He was between sets and relaxing, so I didn't want to bother him, but he had a big smile on his face and thanked us for being there.
  19. GoldieLocks

    GoldieLocks Tele-Afflicted

    Sep 25, 2005
    Abbotsford B.C.
    famous folks?

    I've met a few:

    Larry Carlton
    Brian Setzer
    Little feat
    Moxy Fruvous
    Arrogant Worms
    Sue Foley
    Tommy Castro
    Jeff healey
    Colin Linden
    Maria Muldaur
    Powder Blues Band
    Rik Emmett
    John Pizzarelli - Coolest guy EVER:D
    Glenn Kaiser/Darrel Mansfield

    Although I don't bother talking to famous people anymore unless I have a good question. Still waiting to meet Warren Haynes though:D
  20. bw

    bw Tele-Meister

    Apr 16, 2006
    Central IL
    Billy Joe & Eddie Shaver, Pete Anderson, Dale Watson(many times hung out with him),Hellecasters, Charlie Robison, Sonny Landreth,Jimmie Vaughan(roadied a show for him one time),Garth Brooks(not a fan, but he was actually very nice),Bill Kirchen, Marty Stuart, Paul Burlison.
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