Factory flaws on new guitars?

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by Fretting out, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    Picked up a brand new Squier VM SS Jaguar bass a few years ago. Two of the pots didn't work straight out of the box. I just pulled'em and rewired the thing with better parts. Original electronics were junk.

    It was only $160 new I figured, and I didn't want to hassle with shipping it back when it was just going to come back with working junk that I'd have to pull at some point anyways.

    Having said that, I just bought a B-stock Ibanez acoustic/electric. $100 off on a $300 new guitar. It's got a tiny hair-width scratch in the fretboard that you can't even see from 3 feet away, and I figure that's why it got rejected by QC. Also has an "S" etched into the back of the headstock. Other than that it's in great shape. Yay for B-stock.
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    Back in ... was it 2003 or 2004... whatever year they first appeared, I bought an LP Standard (Faded), in tobacco sunburst. It was far too bright yellow in the middle, but... that's been something Gibson has done for ages.

    I was a regular on another guitar forum back then, one of the admins in fact, and we had a guy join up who was a Gibson employee. We got chatting about the LP faded guitars and I told him how I stripped mine down, and put a fine satin finish on the front, then give it a "by hand" buffing, making it look sort of like an old, old gloss finish.

    The factory man asked how long I had it, and I told him... and said... go check the pickups, which I did later on. Here's the thing, and I didn't notice it when stripped it down, as I laid the pickups into the cavities, and masked all around em, rather than remove 'em outright. They were marked "BB-Tak 1" and "BB-Tak 2", instead of BB1 and BB2.

    I was told that the before production, they grabbed some Tak Matsumoto pickups and put them in the guitar they used for the photographs. The "faded" had reverse cream/black pickups, as also did the Tak Matsumoto guitar (Japan only market). They put the guitar into production and the first run had Tak pickups, instead of reverse Burstbuckers - which weren't ready yet. They "reworked" a few hundred guitars at Gibson, but also had a few hundred escapees into the wild (aka, shipped to retailers). I got one of the escapees. The BB-Tak is the exact same as the Burstbucker, but is wax potted (like the Burstbucker Pro, but using the BB1 and BB2 exact windings).

    I liked the guitar for its thicker neck. I didn't like it because they did a crap job on the neck binding - had gaps between the fret ends and the nubs, would catch the high E. I filled 'em but still...

    So, that's my "factory flaw" story! And, like the rest - the ex got it.
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    I bought not one but two MIM Teles and neither one of them had a Bigsby. I had to fix that myself. What the hey, Fender?!
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    I bought an Aldi T style guitar for aud$100 (about $70 USD). One of the pickups was DOA. Luckily the break was in the connecting wire, not the coil so it was an easy fix.

    If you want to extend the question to amps, I bought a mesa nomad a long time ago and there was a known issue with the pots apparently, so the shop replaced them all before I picked it up.
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    Jan 2, 2010
    I only play vintage guitars; nothing new interests me in the slightest. I DID however, by a new Hallmark Vintage 65 MOAM guitar last year & try as I might, I could not find 1 single flaw in the guitar...fit & finish & setup was perfect. Hadda sell it, however, to pay for needed dental work. Shame; Hallmark is, IMHO, the best made guitar on the planet today.
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