Extra eyes on 18w lite layout diagram plz.


Dec 31, 2020
I'm planning an 18w lite build. I'll be using a chassis that already has PT and OPT , a few tube sockets, and appropriate place for a cap can. So my layout has been influenced by this.

I'd sure appreciate some extra eyes on the layout. I'm mostly concerned about avoiding noise issues from lead dress / component placement such as hum and parasitic oscillation but if there are other issues such as missing components or wiring mistakes do let me know.

I wanted to do all grounds in two places only: near PT and near preamp. But I couldn't really avoid having a third ground between the two el84 power tubes. Alternatively I could route that ground with a longish wire to the preamp ground. Thoughts on what the better option might be with regard to lowest noise?

Thank you in advance!

The Schematic attached is close to what I did. A few component values in my build are different.
18w Marshall liteiib AO44.png