Every NASCAR flip, blowover, and airborne crash from the Gen-6 era, HUH?


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Jun 28, 2019
left coast
Yes it true instead of watching the weather news about California being washed into the pacific like remaining scraps being scrapped of a dirty dinner plate into the 40 h.p. ,3,000 rpm garbage disposal......of the planet, complete with flooding everywhere, sinkholes eating cars and drivers two at a time. mudslides from traveling from Big Bear out to the Huntington beach shore, and elementary school kids doing their best impression of
Julio Santana, I decided that a breach from the breaking news and went seeking solace on Youtube watching Every NASCAR flip, blowover,and airborne crash from the Gen-6 era.
I feel much better now.
Around noon today we had thunder and lightning that was fun , thought nothing compared to the Illinois Ohio, Kanas, spectacular thunder storms that make the ground shake , building rattle and sway, and the grazing cattle look up from their meals and wonder if it slaughterhouse day.?
But it was pleasant enough the thunder going Boom-boom-boom-boom like John Lee Hooker when he's mad wid'cha.
So after Nascar carnage I tried working on some mouse music and.... I really wasn't feeling it and rest assured I usually love making mouse music, but I just wasn't feeling it and the more I tried the worse it got.😥😫😒
I gave up and watched a WW2 video about the second winter of the Wehrmachts stay in
Leningrad on youtube, afterwards things didn't seem so bad, weather wise, outside compared the winter of freezing , frostbite, and who gets eaten next, now that the horses have all been eaten.
"Compare and contrast" will fill one with a sense of gratitude if the right circumstances are selected , .....

You know the one about feeling bad
about have holes in the soles of my shoe
and being to skint to get some new shoes
and then seeing a man
in a wheelchair with no feet.
"Compare and contrast"😎
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