Ever just suddenly cringe over something stupid or embarrassing you’ve done in your life?


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Jun 28, 2019
left coast
I went through a ritual act of taking an inventory of all the things that I had done to others in my life , It was a lengthy process. then I made amends to those people.
That lowered the level of experiencing the blind raging flaming cringes abit.
Acceptance of my less than admirable inclinations as being true and part of my personality, becoming familiar with these traits of personality as real , examining them and putting them in the file that contains unacceptable actions in daily life all so helps.
Kindness as a daily practice certainly transforms the quality of my interactions with others.
Being an isolated shut in with hardly any human contact makes not stepping on the toes of other, a lot easier.
I walked by two women of color the other day leaving the health clinic in the Hotel Derelict and one the woman in a very nasty voice called me a cracker, I keep walking and thought o.k. I 'm a cracker and you are going to experience the pain of hate and resentment for the rest of your life compelled to act out over and over again.
Putting curses on others is no an act of kindness, It looks like I have an amend to make and a curse to take off.
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