Ever Have One Of Those Rehearsals?


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Aug 17, 2013
Essex UK
A little background. We put together this band right before The Great Disruption so it's only been the last few months that we really were able to get back to it with any consistency. We're a four piece doing covers and originals doing a little bit of everything from Elvis Costello to Jhonny Cash. Two of our member have never been in a serious band before but are capable enough. We've really been hitting our stride lately getting about 3-4 hours of reasonably tight music down. Looking at our first gig here in the summer.

Well, last night we had a real stinker. At least to my ears. Nobody else seemed to notice but I thought we were off on just about everything, myself especially. I just switched guitars back to my Logan after using my PRS CE24. I had to change because the thin neck on the PRS was causing me some hand/wrist pain. I don't know if I just didn't have my rig properly dialed in to the Tele but my sound was awful. My solos uninspired and boring. My vocals were trash. I feel I really dragged the entire session down and the whole of our sound/performance suffered for it. I also had an extra long day at work yesterday and had to go straight to practice, while usually I have a couple of hours to decompress and get my head in the game. I'm sure that didn't help.

Anyway, no real point to this post other than vent and try to feel less demoralized. I know most musicians have times like these, but the time I have to play is precious with the work/home life schedule we have and I just hate to waste it.
So, how’s it going? Sorry to report that things for me (see previous post) are much the same as the gig looms. First time I can ever remember not looking forward to a gig.