Evening Street II (alternative)

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    https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13914341 click on the link; share if you like

    Late in the evening warm/ summer night streetlamps like spotlights/ soft fuzzy light/ so many daydreams/ fade from my sight/ beyond the last streetlamp/ the pavement fades into the night (chorus) And I know where this trail ends/ sight unseen but etched in stone/ we can change all the figures/ but the end is still unknown (verse) My sleep eludes me/ these restless thoughts/ dreams of absurdities/ the meaning still uncaught/ But I'm at peace now/ gazing down the line/ I've run my race now/ I'm waiting for the sign (chorus) (verse) My privelidge precedes me/ heritage is sometimes a blight/ How soon we forget/ we too, were in flight/ For all our wisdom/ we still are beasts/ we take from others/ to make up our feasts (chorus) (verse) So there dark and quiet evenings/ my love she is asleep/ I'm in the final stages/ on this evening street/ my thoughts are racing backwards in time/ regrets but no anger/ for at last I see the sign (chorus) Mark Gates 8/25/19
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