Epiphone L.P. Jr single cut "The Intimidator"


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Jun 28, 2019
left coast
When I I first got this guitar, I was afraid to play it , why ? I don't know3 it just felt so diffent ,sounded so different ,mercury must have be retrograde that day ,I don't know , I was intimidated. Embarrassing to be truthful.

So I got it out today and played it through the Uberschall Riverside pedal set up that I used on the L.P. in my last test.

The Jr.'s neck is fatter , not baseball bat, but fatter , I liked it. Fat is good for me , big hands big feet and really, nothing to intimidate or impress others.
So, the guitar felt good not to heavy and made this very pleasing sound.
The P-90 sounds nice with some high gain and mid boost, not a lot of gain but some.
I will need to do some daily woodshedding, just to adjust to the differences between my strat and tele guitars

The inspiration came from listening to Leslie West with Mountain playing
"Mississippi Queen" live, which I posted a few days ago.

What did the kind folks at A.A. teach me?
Progress not Perfection.

Sharing my experiences here helps bring an awareness to my process.

I want to give a shout out to all the victims of the Hurricane out on the eastern seaboard.
I am sorry for your loose and suffering. I am writing my representatives to get busy and do everything in their power to aid and protect those who they represent and have sworn to aid and protect as is their duty.