Electro-Harmonix/New Sensor open call for requests to revise/add to KT120/150/170 datasheets


TDPRI Member
Dec 4, 2021
i've gotten the attention of someone at Electro-Harmonix/New Sensor in regards to the many confusing, incomplete or absent data points on their KT120, 150 and 170 datasheets. this person is very motivated to rectify this lack of usable information, and make these tubes more accessible to designers.

this is an official open call to the public, for any and all requests for additions and revisions to said datasheets. these requests will be delivered directly to the New Sensor design and testing technicians on April 22nd, so please post before then.

please be exhasutive and state all your requests, even if they have already been mentioned. please also feel free to indicate which requests you would like to be prioritized the most. i will be compiling a final list to send to them, and will be sure to accentuate items that got the most requests and placed the most highly on folx's lists.

please understand this is not a guarantee that any of these requests will procure published data, nor is it a guarantee of the timeline in which this might occur.

please also understand this is not a post on which to discuss or compare the various merits of these tube models or the companies that make them. there are many other forums for such discussions - this is a thread to collect requests for datasheet revisions and additions, only.

one last note, and single exception to the above paragraph - since EHX/NS seems to be at least somewhat willing to innovate and create new tube models, i am personally taking this opportunity to provide some requests for what sort of tubes they prioritize the development of in the future. i have been told that these ideas are welcome and will be sent to the technicians as well. so by all means, please share your desires for what sorts of new tube models you'd like to see!

personally, i want to see subminiature pencil tubes, especially the frame grid types, see more focus. they were a brilliant idea too soon overshadowed by the rise of the transistor. just think of how awesome a new line of 6111/6112 style tubes would be! less space needed, more flexibility as to placement, less vulnerability to physical damage, high shock tolerance, lower operating voltages...