El Tele Lobo original poetry: The First of December

El Tele Lobo

Poster Extraordinaire
Oct 21, 2014
I usually post or share this somewhere every year since I wrote it. Since I'm not that active on other social media anymore, I thought I'd share it here. Let me know if you like it, maybe I'll share more stuff. Enjoy.

The First of December

The first of December demarcates another winter of my life.
The cold chill reminds me that one day all summers fade:
The waxing darkness will banish all light,
My flagging embers will flicker and fail…

Will I turn that calendar page with majesty or dismay?
Will I look back on countless days of joyed achievement?
Or will I find my last days in disarray
And die alone and broken without bereavement?

But summer is just breaking upon this almanac.
I can scarcely see the horizon at early bright.
I’ve no time to ponder what I’ll lack
When days grow short and steal my sight.

‘Tis never too early in your springtime
To set your agenda down to paper.
Those early months are your queen and king time
To build and rule lest your kingdoms taper.

There’s always time some date hence
To change your plans or cancel.
Do not wait ‘til time forsakes you to wonder whence
It went and why, or if you’ll ever dance well.

When I think of all the dates I’ve squandered,
The loveless places I’ve stashed my shoes…
Wondering what I was doing as I’ve wandered
From station to station, blues to blues.

I thought life was over, but I’ve done more sowing since I’ve died,
And done more harvesting than ever when I lived.
I’ll never get back all the tears I’ve cried,
But there’s yet time to show I’ve something to give.

And when winter comes to chill my frame,
Let me find myself rusty, worn and tired.
A burnt-out memory of my former flame,
From my lifelong glory, at last, expired.

© 2007 Jesse Fredrick Wolf