EHX Soul food + Carbon Copy + Topanga verb + lap steel

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    Oct 17, 2005
    I have a lot of pedals (too many?) and a couple of pedal boards; but honestly 90 percent of the time; I use just three pedals: EHX Soul Food; the MXR Carbon Copy and the Catilanbread Topanga spring reverb.
    I find that for what I play mostly; Early Instrumental rock, (Stuff like "The Shadows" or the "Ventures" ), Surf music and Rockabilly, Duanne Eddy, etc..etc. ..these three pedals in some combination into a squeaky clean amp can get me most of exactly what I need to cover any of it.
    Doesn't matter whether it's a Tele or Strat or Mustang or even Lap Steel. It's like the perfect combo of stomp boxes for vintage sounds of those styles.
    Here's my take on Sleep Walk using all three:

    First, in this case; I get the Soul Food to be "barely there" you can tell when it's on, but not a big diff. I find this to be a great "transparent overdrive". It just sort of smooths things out and gives a tiny bit of grit when you dig in. Really, just got to dial it down. I find it to be a capable pedal for a lot; but to me sounds best on it's more subtle settings. For that kind of stuff; I really haven't found a better overdrive. Now if you want thick creamy overdrive; it may not be your cup of tea; but I honestly think the Soul Food is an overlooked sleeper of a pedal.

    Next is the Carbon Copy. I have a lot of delays; but this one is just so simple and always sounds great. I often use it to get Hank Marvin style tape delay. To my ears it works better for this than pedals built expressly for the tape delay effect. For lap steel; and for some surf; I turn it down so it's barely there. For Slap back rockabilly stuff this thing rules. Just nice "organic" sounding delay.

    Next is the Catilanbread Topanga. I find this to be my hands down favorite pedal of all time. It's a spring reverb; but it also has kind of a slight overdrive and compression thing..just something it does that is barely there but sounds amazing. Turn it up and you get big, juicy, wet Surfer sounds. Really great without turning chords into mush. If you play surf and are looking for an alternative to a real spring tank, give it a spin. Amazing sound in a tiny package. In the above video I have it dialed back a bit.

    Anyway; just wanted to give my thoughts on these three pedals.
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    Nice! One of my top ten favorite songs done quite well!
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    I enjoyed your steel playing and tone, and thank you for the detailed explanation of why these pedals work for you. Well thought out and articulated.
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    Great job! I like the Soul Food down low too. Great song. The rhythm guitar part taught me so many things about music, major/minor , harmonies. Well done!
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