EHX Announces New BAG9 Bagpipe Pedal !!!!


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Mar 25, 2009
Greeley Co.
Electro-Harmonix announces the BAG9 Bagpipe Machine! What’s under the kilt? Why it’s the new BAG9 Bagpipe Machine featuring 9 great bagpipe sounds guaranteed to haunt and disturb your family, friends and neighbors!

No guitarist should be without one!
I got one but it didn’t play well with my BadMonkey.


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Nov 16, 2014
Albany NY
Well, like how many times has any owner used the Ravish pedal EHX put out?
I play once in a while with a guy who loves the Ravish pedal.

I tried out the Mel9 myself and didn't like it much. Too bright to use with a guitar amp, plus exaggerated Korglike midrange and a weird vibrato on every single mode except Orchestra. Almost considered keeping it just for that one sound, but its footprint was too big for my boards.

There was one other serious design flaw: it provides a Dry out, to carry unaffected guitar out to other pedals. And it has an Effect out with separate dry & effect volume controls, so you can set it to have only Mellotron in that output. Makes sense, right? But in bypass mode, dry signal always appears at both outputs. So it's impossible to run that Effect output into a separate channel EQ'd for the mellotron sounds, because that jack carries guitar whenever you kick the pedal off.

It could be done by leaving the pedal engaged all the time, and using a MIDI controlled programmable mixer to mute or enable the mellotron sounds. But that's way too much complication. All they had to do was have the Effect out carry effect only when the Dry out is being used. Kinda surprised this got overlooked - since they went to the trouble of including a Dry output, somebody must've suggested that at some point an effect-only output would be useful.

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