ECC99 Reverb Driver

Discussion in 'Shock Brother's DIY Amps' started by Seabstudio, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Seabstudio

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    Nov 15, 2019
    Greetings !

    I don't know if I can post here for this question
    I already build a standalone spring reverb with a transformeless driver for tank for a studio use ( I put a steup transformer and I have 12Vp-p at the tube grid
    It work good, but I want to drive more the tank and don't know witch values I need to tweak arround the Tube
    I follow the Valve Wizard recommandation ; ( See middle / end of this page )
    Originally he drawn shematic for ECC82 , but he say " A larger triode like an ECC99 or even a triode-strapped pentode might be used on its own "

    But I think values can be ajusted ...if soemone can help :)
    Thanks in advance

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