EART W2 Headless Guitar demo

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    My demo of the EART W2 Headless Guitar featuring excerpts of my track "Today".

    Straight out from the box, stock strings, and plastic still on pickups. I just tuned it to drop D. Intonation was fine.

    Body: Roasted ASH
    Neck: Roasted maple and African mahogany five-piece neck, upper "C" and the lower "U"
    Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood, Compound Radius 9.5-14
    Pickup: Korean zebra pickup
    Bridge: Hard tail
    Scale Length: 648mm
    Switch: 5-ways switch
    Potentiometer: 500K Alpha
    Capacitance: 223J capacitor
    Fret: 24 frets Stainless steel frets,
    Nut: Bone Nut

    It's a fun guitar! It's in the budget price range, so there are some visible showings of so. But, it's not so bad.

    Gear used:
    Dragonheart Pure pick
    Boss Instrument Cable

    Headrush Gigboard (also used as interface)

    Left channel is the Choptones Metal Pack Vol. 3
    Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (Modern) with EVH 5150III 4x12 loaded with Celestion G12EVH speakers models

    Right channel is the SDNA Knucklehead
    Based on a West Coast made cab loaded with V30s

    Recorded on Magix Music Maker
    Mix and Master on Samplitude Music Studio
    Wave SSL-E Channel
    Toontracks EZDrummer 2

    My Samsung S10e phone

    Video Editor:
    Vegas Movie Studio 13 Platinum
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    Sounds good. Looks like a Strandberg knockoff.
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