DRRI vs the newer 12” PRRI?

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by SonicBlueByYou, Sep 19, 2020.

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    What are the collective thoughts on the DRRI vs the newer 12” PRRI?

    I have the Sweetwater tweed version of the 12” Princeton Reverb. I yanked out the C Rex and installed a GA SC64 speaker. What is to be gained by going to the DR with that speaker or a Vintage 30?

    Thinking snap/twang country and some classic rock.

    Besides the obvious and nominal difference in wattage, what characteristic set them apart? Thanks.
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  2. Drew617

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    Those are two pretty different amplifiers, more than I think is always recognized. The PR and DR are next to each other in the BF/SF lineup which kind of suggest they are the small and medium versions of the same thing. I think that is more true between the DR and any of the bigger amps in that series; Topology between PR and DR makes a bigger difference to my ears to than tubes and transformers do between the bigger amps. They're all voiced similarly but Princetons do entirely different things when pushed, they are their own thing. Kept clean, I think they'll sound closer to each other but expect the PR will still sound somewhat more loose, with less control of any speaker, and like it's in a smaller cab. The PR will run out of gas sooner, but that should be obvious.

    Whether any of that matters depends what you do/don't like about the PR you have and what you'd hope to gain in a different amp.

    Disregarding the speaker thing to address one variable at a time, I'm thinking the difference between those two should be pretty static regardless of the amp. I'm one of those people who don't love the V30, and specifically think it sucks in smaller amplifiers. Can sound spiky, harsh and blanketed all at the same time to my ears, which is... impressive. At stage volume with big iron I suppose I do sorta get it.

    My idea of country "snap" suggests you want Deluxe or bigger but those descriptions are all really subjective. IME my Princetons have twanged really well but I hear snap as a function of clean power/OT/speaker. All else equal, at volume I expect looser, softer attack, and rattier tone from a PR when pushed.
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  3. hamerfan

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    The speaker makes more difference than most people think. The V30 is one of the Most overrated speakers, it sounds harsh, spikey and has to much bass for a combo - even if its very well broken in. I had good luck with the WGS G12c for a twangy clean speaker with my strat and it doesn't break the bank.
  4. Ess Eff

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    Nov 6, 2018
    If you want to ruin the classic Fender scooped, chimney tone install a Crex or a V30. But then why are you buying a Fender amp in the first place?

    Crex adds lots of warmth n no chime. The V30 adds all the mids n no scoop.
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