Dripping power transformer

Discussion in 'Shock Brother's DIY Amps' started by MrDouglasN, Feb 21, 2020.

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    Any amp that old needs a full service - grounded power cord, new electrolytic capacitors, and maybe some resistors that are noisy are have went far out of spec. Every amp - no matter who makes it or how much it costs.

    OTs should not get hot enough to drip. I would be *extremely* suspect of an OT that got that hot. It might continue to work for a while, but I'd have major trust issues. If that was a customer amp on my bench I'd fix whatever what causing it to get that hot and probably recommend a new OT for long-term stability.

    The 50 dollars quoted earlier is not a reasonable price. That will cover maybe one hour of labor, depending on your location, but certainly not any parts. This uses a capacitor can, and just that part is $40 if you want an accurate replacement. There may be room in there to use smaller parts, but.........that's a different discussion.

    I don't see a good way to get out of this cheaply, but with drop marks in the photos of the original listing it's likely been happening for some time.
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    This isn't a museum piece, so I was thinking of three new caps - bypassing the existing can.
    Could be done in an hour.
    I said 100, maybe fifty.
    The big Caps are a couple bucks each.


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    Thanks everyone for the help on this!

    I reached out to the seller and they said that they were happy to return it but only offered to pay for repairs if it cost about the same as shipping. That being the case I decided to take them up on the return.

    This is the third amp purchased through Reverb that I'll be returning in the past month! Apparently I have horrible luck. The other two were damaged in transit. One had the control panel smashed, and the speaker came detached and broke tubes on the other one.

    The hunt continues. Thanks again.
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