Dozen Demos (2021)

Mark E Rhodes

Oct 2, 2011
Greenacres, Florida
A 2-minute bit (slideshow, voiceover with a backing track) looking back on the dozen demos I made this year. That was the goal. I did it. Yay! Next year, I'll make more professional ones but this year was about "learning to crawl."

All these songs may be heard on my YouTube channel.
The backing track for this is from a song called "Can't Find The Words" which I'll finish in 2022.

Btw, my wife Donna's response to the question, "What if I had a child, a job AND a headache?" was, "I don't think you could handle it."

Some favorite lines:

You want some famous last words, I'll quote my bride:
'Honey, put some pants on 'fore you go outside.'
("If This Is My Last Day, That's OK")

She said I don't like white men
As a general rule
But when it comes to you, dear,
I'm just a little fool.
("A Happy Death in Trinidad")

I go often, I just don't goa lot.
("Whoa, Now, I Got To Go Now")

Feelin' grumpy
Frog-eyed and jumpy
This is not gonna be my day

Now I'm not saying I didn't kill anyone
But I'm not gonna deny it
My lawyer taught me to shut the **** up
More people out to try it.
("Post-Trial Cable TV Interview")

Three men came for my father on a cold and bitter night
Three men came for my father and maybe they had a right
Three men came for my father but they weren't there for long
As I hosed down the carport, my father taught me this song
("Never Go Down Easy")

There's something there he can't deny
No matter how hard he might try.

Nowhere town, you just can'tstay
Nowhere town, but you can'tget away
Nowhere town, the scars rundeep
Nowhere town, it's the woundyou keep.
("Born in a Nowhere Town")