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    Any Dougie Thomson fans here? He was the bassist for Supertramp from about 1973 to 1987. His bass playing was fantastic. Huge, huge part of the band's sound.
    In September 1971 he joined The Alan Bown Set where he briefly worked with future Supertramp colleague, John Helliwell. In February 1972, Thomson auditioned for Supertramp, and ended up playing several gigs as a temporary stand-in.

    In 1973, Thomson permanently joined Supertramp and helped in the business management with Dave Margereson; he also persuaded John Helliwell to join the band.

    Thomson played with Supertramp on all of their most famous albums: Crime of the Century, Crisis? What Crisis?, Even in the Quietest Moments, Breakfast in America, Paris, ...Famous Last Words..., Brother Where You Bound and Free as a Bird.

    Thomson was a member of Supertramp until the band went on hiatus in 1988; he has not returned to the band since. Dougie Thomson played a Yamaha BB Bass, a G&L, Music Man StingRay, a Fireglo Rickenbacker 4001 and a natural Fender Jazz Bass during his time with Supertramp. He also played a Jazz Bass on Roger Hodgson's tour in 1997. I believe he played through Fender Bassman amp.

    He has since become a publisher in the music business, creating Trinity Publishing, and worked with a Chicago, Illinois management company.

    Thomson has four children, Laura, James, Kyle and Emma. Kyle Thomson plays football for the Scottish team Greenock Morton.
    His brother Ali Thomson became a successful singer-songwriter in the Seventies, with Top 40 hit Take A Little Rhythm in 1979. John Helliwell actually played on one of his records.

    But here is a picture of him playing the Jazz Bass (looks to be a pre CBS)


    And his Rickenbacker


    But what did you guys think of his bass playing? Please let me know. He usually played with flatwound strings, a phaser and a pick. I always loved his bass playing on Lady, School and Bloody Well Right.
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