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Double NBD!

Discussion in 'The BASS Place' started by Danomo, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Danomo

    Danomo Tele-Holic

    Mar 31, 2014
    Looking last week, I found these last Thursday, and bit on Friday: Ibanez Artcore ASB180 and Talman TMB-300... along with a Rumble 410 cab.

    The Artcore caught my eye, as it looks (and plays) like my long begotten Aria Diamonds 335 single pup. Being so similar (and the same scale), I've been having flashbacks over the last four days playing it.

    While the bass is beautiful, and excellently built, There are some hitches: The span on the low end of the tone control is lacking (the Aria tone control had a wiggy good wide range) on that same bridge pup. The neck pup is very rich and downright thumpy with the tone turned down. I like the neck pup much better than the MM Style 'bucker in the ASB 140.

    The Talman kind of snuck up behind me and attacked... Like a raptor in Jurassic park. I saw it... and discounted it for the green sparkle right away. My purchase in the shop was delayed by the owner taking a sales pitch from Zane's guitar rep, so I had some time to kill.

    They are a Fender shop, so I tried a Dimension, the Squier Dimension fiver, some CV models, and finally looked fully at the Talman. What jumped out was the Tele/Strat combo control/jack plate, and the Jag style slider in the pickguard (Splits the dual-J bridge pup), when I picked it up and saw it was active, I decided to play it. The taper on the neck is so gradual, it feels like a RIC. The fret edges are super smooth at the binding. It's well balanced on a strap, or on the lap. IMO, it feels/looks/plays more Reverend than Fender. At $299, I felt like I'd be nuts to not to take it home.

    It's been years since two Ibanez products have grabbed me this way (and I've owned a few), their retro and modernistic marketing strategies have finally worked on me.

    Lastly, is a NOS v1 Fender Rumble 410 (traded my Acoustic B260 Mk1). I had picked up a Rumble 150 head a couple weeks ago, and have tried (and returned) a couple of used 2x10 cabs (Eden and SWR). I came to the decision it just needs a 410, they had this one with a 150 at the shop, so I was able to test it out with both the basses as it would be at home. For a cheapo cab, it's so well matched with the Rumble head, it sounds to my ear much better than the 2x10's I tried. The wheels decouple it nicely from the floor in my practice space.

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