Don’t Dream It’s Over By Crowded House and Beatles influence

Discussion in 'Music to Your Ears' started by rze99, Nov 30, 2019.

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    Oh, Goody. Another Journalist who conflates New Zealand with Australia.


    Anyway, Neil is just awesome. It hurts my brain, that he is not absolutely huge in the English Speaking world. He is everything I would ever ask of a pop songwriter, vocalist, musician and band frontman. Why his songs are not on the sound system everywhere, all the time, remains a mystery to me.

    Speaking of mystery to me, I for one am looking forward to when Neil's time is not consumed touring with Fleetwood Mac - so he can get back to doing something I consider more valuable. But maybe he is shrewdly accumulating fans - by going to be seen by them, where they are found.
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    wow that was awesome! thanks for sharing that.
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