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Mar 16, 2003
Tone King Imperial if money is no object. BF side bias-modulation trem tube reverb. Other channel is a Tweed preamp. It even has onboard attenuator. Only thing is, no echo.

Handmade, handwired in the US. Established boutique maker with good resale. Compact and light all tube amp.

Willie Johnson

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May 24, 2016
GC by me was selling the head/cab version of the Super Champ X2 for like $399. That and a loud/sensitive speaker or bigger cab? It's got the built in effects (nice reverbs, delays, and a very decent Vibratone rotating speaker sim), and you can even get a third-party app to run the digital editing off of your phone instead of the (now-unsupported) Fender Fuse software on a laptop. Tube power amp section and ss preamp.


Mar 8, 2021
Prairie plains
My needs are simple, I’m actually trying to downsize/reduce/fengshui my gear.

I currently own Vox AC10, Egnater Tweaker 15, Orange CR120H & twin cab, Spark, Roland Micro Cube. I actually miss my Bassbreaker 15. I play mostly tele, Strat, 335, Gretsch hollowbodies, with Revstars (f’trons & P90s), LPs, Casino in reserve, and a few good acoustics.

Apirational amps (but I don’t need really) are the usual 65 Deluxe Reverb, something really good and “tweedy”, Vox AC15 Twin, Vox AC30HW with Blues, Marshall Bluesbreaker/JTM45 - no surprises probably. I’d like something I can gig with later, use with attenuater now, that isn’t back breaking (it has taken raising a 3 year old son to finally make me accept my mortality at 53 years old 😂) to lift.

I play (poorly) everything from rockabilly/50s RnR, Roots/Americana, Ska, 60s pop/rock (Beatles, Faces, Yardbirds, Byrds, Stones, etc), Folk Rock/Punk (Neil Young to Levellers, Waterboys, Pogues), New Wave, Punk (UK), Very Rudimentary Jazz, Blues/Rock, Classic Rock, Country Rock (esp. Earle, Isbell, Sturgill, Stapleton), proper Country (Cash, Hank, Merle, Kris, Willie, Waylon, Jones), Bluegrass.

I like the Bassbreaker 30R most recently, but don’t like the clean channel. Too dark, even with bright switch. I’d love a 65 DRRI (cleans, tremolo, reverb)/BB30R (brilliant gain stages and layout)/Tweed (warm and fat)/Vox AC (chime, crunch) hybrid. Would love built in delay too, that way I can just go from guitar straight to amp, no tap dancing on a pedal board. Does anything out there exist that gets close? I don’t want modelling as such so Silverlines, Nextones, Katanas are out. An older Vox AV60 looked promising but hard to get hold of newish. I’m looking for one amp to rule them all. Dumb?
Can’t think of a single amp that does it all, too many variable factors involved.
For instance…

Tubes, cabinet construction and materials, speaker load, speaker wiring, speaker construction, pots, caps, tone stack variation, and whatever goes into the front end will all make a difference. I’m sure you’re familiar with the concepts…

You could get an amplifier with a flatter response and shape with an outboard equalizer. You could slave an external power amplifier like a McIntosh. You could run your signal through a digital processor loaded with amplifier models. You could get an amp in a box and go right into your PA.

You could buy a Twin Reverb, or any number of other amplifiers with lots of power to stay clean.


You could embrace the limitations of each amplifier and get on with buying more amps.


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Feb 2, 2019
Ohio (Nerk)
Too much on your wishlist.

Most good amps that are versatile aren't inherently versatile because they sound like 5 distinctive amps. In fact, sounding like 2ish amps and having versatility is where many great ones sit.
The bassbreaker 30 isn't very interesting to me. The 18/30, on the other hand is (was? You can still get em used) the most interesting amp in the series. Many 2 channel amps are versatile, but that one was 2 versatile amps. But also they were in 1 amp. Like a controllable alternative amplifier personality. The 30 side is 3 band eq and volume. 18 side is volume and tone. Footswitchable. It can be dialed on the 30 side to be kind of chimey, it's based on BF/brwnface deluxes allegedly, but runs el84s.

Frenzels most popular amp is basically a 5f1 tonestack with a tweedy fender side and an Early Marshall side, in 25 or 50w. They also make several others, including a bassman bluesbreaker thing thematically runs different power tube pairs fir each channel.

There's stuff out there, but I'd recommend finding a sound you really like, instead of trying to get everything out of 1 amp.