Does anyone on here have an original kay fuzz pedal?

Discussion in 'Burnt Fingers DIY Effects' started by JUSS10, Apr 22, 2019.

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    Feb 25, 2014
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    So years ago I built a kay fuzz clone for a buddy with a hand etched surface mount PCB. I stuffed it in a gutted wah pedal and he has been using it for over 5 years now. Hes a big U2 fan and needed to play "elevation" with the pedal that the Edge used. Anyway, I had a few boards made up and always planned to build up a few pedals but never got around to it. Got married, bought a house, full time job, you know the drill.

    Anyway, I found the boards the other day and got thinking it would be cool replicate the original pedal and shape. I am an industrial designer and work in a model shop of sorts and also have a lot of the gear at home. I have really gotten in to 3D printing in the last few years and have a few printers of my own. I was hoping that maybe some had an original kay fuzz tone that could take some photos of top, side, front with a ruler for scale. I would then model it up, 3D print the case and treddle and give it a go. I'd probably add a push button switch to turn it on and off and a few other updates but thought it would be cool to try.

    I know its a long shot, and worse case I'll just look at pictures online and try and find a sense of scale that way but thought i would ask here since there is a DIY pedal forum.


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