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  1. Bartholomew3

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    Dec 8, 2010
    Blew the neck pickup in a vintage tele so put in a set of Area T - not the hot versions. Seem pretty much the same as the originals from 1968, a bit more mellow on the neck, less icepick on the bridge. Sounds great for recording, love the noiseless part of it, have no problem with a weak neck pickup, was originally designed for big-band comping anyways rather than blowing Blues Leads and is not bad for jazz standards with the right amp.

    Only problem is - on stage with a full Blues band the 68 tele sounds thin to me so I've been using a Les Paul for live work and the tele for recording. The tele doesn't sound thin when recording - only live. Doesn't make sense as I sometimes use 2 x 60 watt tube amps in stereo in rehearsals.

    My volume pot has become a problem area, wonder if that could contribute to the thin sound, doesn't always seem to connect well, static, scratchy noise, 48 years old & jammed solid with no movement a couple of years back. The tech cleared it with spray. Hate to change the original pots but I play my guitars rather than have showpieces. Will keep the parts but am never selling it anyways.

    Any suggestions out there for no noise and lots of projection, thicker tele sound ?
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  2. Elmore

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    Dec 18, 2011
    I would not do this to a real '68, but here is what I did. I am from the Les Paul world. I put a Duncan vintage stack in the bridge, which is comparable to the Area T. I then put a Gibson mini humbucker from my '71 Les Paul Deluxe in the neck. Important: I used 500K CTS pots and a Jensen paper in oil cap. No hum, and great vintage bridge tone. If I want beef, the neck pickup delivers.
  3. El Tele Lobo

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    Oct 21, 2014
    A 4 way switch would give you the addition of a series position between the bridge and the neck which would definitely fatten things up for playing live.
  4. Guitarteach

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    Aug 6, 2014
    I like the solid chunk of the broadcaster pickup in my tele. Got the series option which def. thickens it up but that can get blurry under gain when I want to keep the bite.

    Maybe just a broadcaster type bridge and/ or a fat boost / EQ and wind treble/presence down a long way on amp when really cranked.
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