Dilemma With Partscaster Project

Discussion in 'Other T-Types and Partscasters' started by jrintheemaking, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. Danb541

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    Nov 27, 2019
    So you'll be into this build $350 before you buy pickups. You can buy a used MIM strat for $350. I think the ceramic pickups in MIM strats are not great.
    Point being, you could buy a used MIM strat and put good pickups in it, or build your own guitar for around the same price.
    If you ever wanted to resell this guitar. You'll probably get more for the MIM with upgraded pickups than you would for a partscaster.
    Just my opinion.
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    I would just buy a nice neck, Unfinished Allparts if period correct legit looking is a concern, other fender licenced neck if you don't care about vintage looks etc. Then buy a suitable body with correct neck pocket and routs. I buy the muslady bodies lately, 40 bucks for featherweight and fits fender necks fine. I prefer them to expensive bodies that weigh 3 times as much and cost up to and over 10 times as much.

    I wouldn't swap my latest two cheap partscasters for custom shop fenders without playing the custom shop fenders first.

    If you don't care about nitro, weight or specific non standard frets and radius etc and you don't set out to make it the best playing guitar you own so might want to sell down the track then just buy a CV or cheap mim and mod that.
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    You need some knowledge, tools, and skills to be able to work on a good guitar without ruining it. So read (books, forums) and find the cheapest used Squier guitar you can get (local ads, pawn shop or at a garage sale). A Squier bullet is 150$ new, so you should go shopping with 70$ in your pocket. That’s your kit/project/parts guitar and learning course all in one.

    There is only one thing to check before buying that guitar (whatever the price) it’s that the trussrod is working, because that’s not something you want to deal with at that stage of your « training ».

    Eventually you’ll have to replace some parts that you can’t fix, it’s part of the learning process, and you’ll end up with a decent guitar.

    From there you should be able to do your guitar setup, solder, do some finishing, and you can chose if you prefer to build partscasters or buy other guitars and mod them (or not).

    The middle position of the tele would be more interesting if you replace the switch with a four way switch with a series wiring, it makes your two pickups together sound louder and act as a humbucker.
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