Delay In Finding My Delay


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Jul 16, 2018
I've been getting a little obsessed with guitar stuff over the past year and while I've found numerous guitars I like and narrowed down an amp search to one that I finally jive with, my last piece of the puzzle seems to be a delay pedal. Yet this seems like a bit of a challenge for me.

- Used to have a Line 6 DL4 and that was like a whole fun thing on its own. But it's huge and I was looking to make things simpler.
- Traded that for a TC Flashback II, which was nice and had some cool features, but still seemed overcomplicated. And to be honest, it had some reliability issues. Sold it.
- Briefly tried an old DOD delay from the 80s and it was too basic. I think I over-corrected there. It worked, but was not enough delay and not as capable for a good "freakout" if I wanted to.

I'd spent the last few weeks hoping for a buddy of mine to check his stash of pedals, but also did research and poured over pretty much every option that wasn't insanely expensive, seeing what may suit me well.
The goal: a delay that is reasonably simple and small for the board, but has a few extra tricks in case you want to get nutty with it.

One pedal I hoped for him to find in his stash was the MXR Carbon Copy. That seemed to be a simple but capable setup. Not super cheap, but not terrible, and very well regarded.
The Donner Yellow Fall seemed to compare to that one pretty well, which caught my eye because it was smaller and cheaper, but still had a good following and good reputation.
Its digital sibling, the Echo square seemed interesting as well, with more modes and only moderately more cash.
Then I saw the TC Electronics Prophet, which was cheap, had a long delay time, and freaked out in a cool, weird way that was different than most other pedals. But they seem to be eternally out of stock and used are going for slightly more than new.

What I failed to take into account with these though, was the fact that I kinda want the ability for tap delay. That always came in handy when I had the DL4. Looking at options though, it changed the game a bit.
The Joyo D-Seed 1 and 2 came to mind, as they seemed to be a good deal on multiple mode delays with tap. Not super huge, but not compact.
My same pedal stash friend showed me a semi-local (hour away) CL listing for a Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay. Looked interesting, but kinda large. Plus, it was a 2 hour round trip, in the midst of gas being at the max, so I basically passed on it as a viable option.
He also had a Vox DelayLab, which again, cool, but basically their version of a DL4 and pretty large and complicated.
Then I came across the Donner RevEcho and that was a pedal that seemed to be this magical, super-cheap, awesomeness. It was almost purchased...

But the pedal that kept calling my name was the MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe. It had both modes of the different MXR CC pedals, plus the tap tempo, plus delay division capabilities. There were even ways it could be saved as different modes! I was kinda smitten, but this was a bit above the budget. I did keep my eyes on things though and when they'd come up on the cheaper side, I would take attention.
Well... I bought one. Good price, like new shape, had to try it as it seemed so perfect for my needs.

I got it and... I don't really like it. I'm actually pretty sure that my tastes over the years have made me quite accustomed to digital delays, so this seems like a bad fit. It works as promised, but I don't think it's for me.

I'm actually kind of thinking about the RevEcho again. Prices just went down further on what I was watching, so even if it isn't ideal for the guitar rig, it may find a home for the bass setup. But it could also win my heart for all I know.
And my buddy ended up buying that Visual Sound Dual when he was out in that area. And he may actually trade me for the MXR, which could make life a little easier than a sale. Despite the size, the features seem pretty nice and match what I want. It would just be a huge pedal to have on (or next to) the pedalboard.

Of course, the whole reason for even typing this is to get some kind of recommendations or guidance in the matter, if at all possible. I'm sure there's a world of options that I have completely looked past for one reason or another. Or maybe I mentioned something that someone would say was the right thing to begin with! I frankly feel like any kind of help would be great.
Sorry, I didn't read your entire post, but if price is not a problem, how about an original Way Huge AQUA-PUSS? Oh wait... I just posted one on Reverb. Good luck in your quest.


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Mar 7, 2008
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I really like the versatility of my DD7 but might get a DD200 shortly for the 4 presets option for better use live.

If wanting ti have something small to experiment with a TC Flashback would be on my list.. plenty of delays styles built in and ability to fiddle with an editor and download more. I use a TC Reverb with a toneprint on my function band rig.
I love my DD200! Its 125(?) presets with the update. I never go deeper than the face and it’s still a fantastic pedal.

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Feb 3, 2021
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Mwahaha! This is awesome!!!

Just came today.
Dogman Devices Air delay-fuzz.

It’s an analog delay, 60-600 ms with single repeat all the way through self oscillation. X is blend and it’s never 100% clean or 100% wet. Very usable range for a delay.
But the fuzz (cloud) can be set to only affect the repeats on the delay so you punch a clean chord and have nastiness on the echo. It’s really cool.


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Dec 6, 2006
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When I started my electric guitar journey eight months ago (or is it nine?) I parachuted straight into the world of digital delay modelers by buying a Boss DD-500. I really wanted a Line6 DL4 because I knew my hero Bill Frisell had used one a lot over the years but that design was pretty long in the tooth and there were rumors of a mkII version.

I'm glad I did the DD-500 thing because I didn't know at the time that, as it turns out, for me the basic delay sounds I like are tape delays. I'd have thought a nice BBD-style analog delay would be what I'd like but I can't find any version of that sound that really "does it" for me. And 80's style pristine digital delay sounds great in a lot of music I've listed to but doesn't sound so good in my living room.

When mkII of the DL4 finally dropped I ended up with one of those as well. I don't mind complexity as long as I can store the end product of my knob-fiddling (and menu-diving in the case of the DD-500) in easily accessed presets. At the moment I have one always-on preset on the DD-500 (not a tape delay emulation, actually) and then an additional DD-500 patch I use from time to time. Plus on the DL4 I have three presets, one that I use most days and two more I switch to for special effects like an "ambient" long, reverberant delay or a glitch delay.

If I had to go with a non-modeling, simpler pedal I guess I'd still end up with some digital emulation of a tape delay (or drum delay, similar sound). Heck I'd probably end up with a Boss RE-2 which is about as simple as I could go and it's still hideously complex. I guess the alternative would be that Dunlop pedal that emulates an Echoplex.