Dear parents… (thoughts of a trucker)

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    I believe some is going to have to get them interested in driving and cars first, and then work them up to an interest in airhorns on big trucks.

    A friends has twins (a boy and a girl) that are both 18, recent HS graduates, and now in college. They both obtained learner permits but allowed them to lapse due to lack of interest and experience.

    WTH? Phones, computers,video games, and TV are more interesting than the escape and adventure provided by being able to drive?
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    I had that dream too but when I was a trucker I remember delivering a machine to Twin Rivers Paper Company about as far north as you can go. Surely made worse by driving a crappy fish bowl GMC, I made the mistake of looking for a load up there instead of deadhead back south to Bangor. Via way to many backroads I got a partially finished lumber load destined for all the Norfolk and Virgina Beach naval places.

    I hated that top heavy load with a crappy tractor in all those back roads. Of course it would have been better with the Kenworth I got maybe a month later. I remember being in one of the most what the heck am I doing moods of my life on that trip. It got worse when there that naval yards area was mostly freight going there. It wasn't much later when I got a job actually in line with being a college graduate, one more short stint driving semi, and then the Apple evangelist/education mgr job that's been IT since.

    Now I only have the dream for moments. I'd probably be satisfied with a quick trying one each of a modern tractor with a big Cummins ISX with 18 speed, and one of the new Paccar automatic drive trains. I guess a Tesla prototype if I could.

    You never know, but I'm sure that life would mean I'd never have had lots of great stuff that's occurred.
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    haha well she does have a huge and

    here is a much younger us rollin the plains 1992 Trip Westward_015.jpg
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