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Apr 17, 2006
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Seeing the apple stacking of the daughter-in-law thread reminded me of an old friend who just retired. I met Daryl about 41 years ago in San Diego. I was working on yachts traveling between San Diego and the Cayman Islands at the time. One day I started noticing this guy stacking rocks in such unique forms at the shoreline. He would stack them point to point! He had a cigar box out for tips. He moved his show over near Seaport Village and he was there almost every day. I lived in the Gaslamp District at the time and would bicycle down there and was amazed at his work.
After a few days we started talking and he had a great line about keeping "Life in Balance." I watched him hoisting huge rocks and balancing them in front of us. It was much to the dismay of the naysayers that would question whether he carved notches in them or used glue. He was drawing pretty big crowds. He left dozens of formations up all day. Then at the end of the day he would knock them all down so no one would get hurt by falling rocks. The next day he would start all over.

One day he said let's go have a beer and we went to a little Japanese dive bar and played pool and started a good friendship. Over the years we would see each other in Miami, San Francisco, San Juan and back in San Diego. He gave me the phone number of his sister? in New Brunswick and I could always call and find out where he was. I even saw him on the news twice for fairs and shows in Seattle and Toronto. I haven't seen him or talked to him for years now. But I know he was a nice friend. Enjoy this small part of news for him.

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May 25, 2007
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That is beyond impressive!
Theres a landscaper here that stacks stones (compared to Daryl’s rocks) but nothing that elaborate. His are more snowmanish or totem like.

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